Friday, July 11, 2008


BC & I have spent many an hour talking about "Finishing Well". We know from the Scriptures, that God knows the exact number of our days, but we do not have a crystal ball revealing this information. We also have no choice in the way we will leave this Earth and enter our Eternal Home. Our preference would be to go out swinging. My Grandmother had a stroke or heart attack (no idea which) raking the yard. She was quite the Gardener and I know she was doing what she loved! My Papaw James had a heart attack while fishing in our pond. We have all know others that suddenly were taken from us. While this may be difficult for those left behind, what a Blessing! No prolonged illness, no time ravage on the body, active doing the things one loves to the very last day.

A story in the "Shreveport Times" a couple of days ago brought all of this to mind. Go to this site to read an excerpt:

Mr. Briggs, 87 years old, did indeed finish his 2.1 mile swim as seen on last night's Shreveport news channel. What a wonderful legacy! The original story noted the Mr. Briggs was the first person to swim across Lake Erie- 60 years ago. HOW ABOUT THAT ALL YOU ERIEITES! He plans to continue to swim long distances until he is 90. He is raising money for his late wife's memorial tennis scholarship to the university where Mr. Briggs taught. Most 87 years old would be delighted with walking 200 feet and here he is swimming across Cross Lake. WOW!

NOTE TO SELF-this is why you exercise - hopefully it will pay off in the end!


Deb said...

Amen to that!

Now don't try swimming accross Lake Erie next time you are up there! own Dad swam accross Lake Chatauqua when I was little. I was so scared I would never see him again. He made it...and although is was a narrow part of the lake I am still proud of him for that.

Elisha said...

I remember when I was in grade school and y'all thought Grandma couldn't walk to the mailbox.
Pam made lunch and that afternoon Grandma and I were headed out for a normal stroll down the driveway when she decided she wanted to walk down the street to her old house.
I'm not quite sure what made her do it, but I think it has something to do with that thing called "drive."
Love, ELJ