Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Mother Nature was very kind Tuesday morning! We went to Lincoln Parish Park early Tuesday for a walk on the trails. If you have never been to this "Little Jewel" of north Louisiana, you have missed a treat! The temperature was all the way down to the mid 60's-a proverbial Artic Cold Front! We walked 4 miles up and down the red clay hills in an effort to get ready for our hiking trip next week. You can not really get ready for these trips since we only slightly higher than sea level here and the Rocky Mountains-well let's just say they are HIGH!

We let Sonja led the pack. That is fine with me for the leader is on spider web patrol. You would not believe the webs they can spin in the matter of a night while the park is closed. The first ones on the trails get the treat of running into all of them. Up the hill we go!
A beautiful walk in the woods-LITERALLY! I am not sure what Lisa has hanging down below her shorts. I did not notice that she had a tail while I was walking behind her. Of course, she might have. You see I am so busy watching where I put my feet on the uneven and root-stub filled trails that I do not even know what she had on.

The going down is more treacherous than the climbing. It also is much harder on the knees. All of the streams are already pretty much dried up. The hottest and driest part of the Summer is still to come!

You exit the woods and come upon the pond (or lake). This morning it was covered with a layer of mist floating just above the water. A glorious and beautiful sight at the end of the trail.


the Jennings secede from the South said...

Oh, I miss ol' LPP.

adrian seney said...

So, when/where are y'all going hiking?

Deb said...

So pretty...what is the temp at that time? Just curious. Watch out for red bugs!! I came home from there with all sorts of these creatures in my socks and around my waist.