Saturday, July 12, 2008


It is SO HOT here in Louisiana in July! Thank goodness we have each other to hang out with during these long sweltering days. The water helps-a little-but the people around here are bad about letting the level get low. When this happens our stream becomes a trickle and the temperature of the water becomes boiling hot!

If you think you have it bad, you should be where I am. No water running around me, just sticky pine straw. The sun beats right down on my head and I am hot from the early hours of the day until late in the evening.

Gripe, gripe, gripe. Give me a break and quite the tripe. At least you have a little color! You should be on the inside of this concrete colored body. My ears are flopping because the heat has taken the spring out of them. DEHYDRATED-that is what I am!

Us little guys get no respect and certainly no shade. No one even seems to see us as we bask in the sun day in day out-all day long. No Mommie to protect us-this is a HOT and Cruel World.

Well at least you are not stuck on the side deck at the back. They let our water turn green before noticing we are even here. The level goes down, the green grows-and still we get only an occasional glance.

The Angel has nothing to complain about. What about me! Here I am with dried leaves in my basket and in bad need of a paint job. They just walk by and look the other way-totally unaware of me and my needs.

What are you guys complaining about! Look at me! Here I am up under ferns and lantanas-completely hidden from all. No one sees me and I can see no one. When you have walked a 1/4 inch in my concrete feet-THEN tell me your troubles!


We had a Small Group Social last night at Lovely Margarita's A few were out of pocket and scattered around the country, but most of us were present and accounted for. Margarita prepared a wonderful meal and we had a great time visiting and catching up after 6 weeks of down time.



With old age, brittle nails have come. I have taken Calcium for years, but still had problems. When I added Biotin, which is know as Vitamin H or is a complex B , the problem has been greatly improved. When I forget or run out of the Biotin, within a week I am back to square one. I highly recommend it, if you are having a similar problem. Be sure and take Calcium with added D, since this is necessary for absorption of the calcium. I do not recommend any particular brand of Biotin and have tried several different ones-all with similar success.


Kim said...

Get your friends in the backyard some water, wouldya!

Thanks for visiting my site. Tell your friend to visit . PACA still needs a computer teacher and a music teacher for next year. It is a great place to teach!

She could also check for openings on the mission field.

Deb said...

Biotin is good. I used to take it and it does help but I am out. Thanks for the reminder.

Deb said...

AHHHH I miss you all. Good to see pics of you all!! Thanks!!