Saturday, July 19, 2008


Our days are long and the heat is oppressing during July in Louisiana. When the grass and native plants (weeds) begin to turn brown, the rain has become scarce. Ironically the humidity is still very high which leads to mind melting heat on days when the mercury climbs into the upper 90's. On some of those days, if we are lucky, late in the afternoon, the clouds will begin to pull together and you will hear the roar of thunder rolling over the hills. Today was one of those days:

I went out to sit on my front porch and watch the clouds roll as the wind blew the trees to and fro. Deciding to sit until the storm came, I smelled the fresh scent of rain in the air as the wind blew from the South.
While watching for any sign of rain, our hummingbirds swooped in for my entertainment purposes. There were two birds fighting for the same feeder. The dominant bird would not allow the other even a sip of the red nectar. Time after time after time, he would fly in thinking the other gone. Over and over the dominant bird would sweep in and attack the poor thing. Greed-even in Mother Nature!

A little guy to be such a "Bully"! It is amazing to see how fast these little pigs can empty the feeder. We fill our two feeders every other day. NOW THAT IS A LOT OF SUGAR WATER! We spend hours watching them and they are better than the "Nature Channel" after all-this is up close and personal! Literally a few feet from my chair.
Unfortunately we only got 17 drops of rain from all of those clouds, while 3 miles away in town BC could not get to his car for the pouring rain. Oh well-back to pulling hoses!
Saturday Product Review

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Stihl Gas Powered Blower. As you see, we are a two blower family. The older blower is 7 or 8 years old and we bought the new one last year. We have lots of decks, porches, & a long drive that needs cleaning off about every other day and sometimes every day. These little babies make the job short and sweet. These blowers have the best power of any of the blowers that I have observed. The Stihl backpack blower is even more powerful, but I find it a bit much for me. I feel like I am going to levitate when I use the backpack. I just want to blow off the drive-not fly over the trees. If you need to buy a blower-THIS IS THE ONE FOR YOU!


the Jennings secede from the South said...

Ha- I can picture you floating to Dubach with your blower backpack.

adrian seney said...

I got stuck in the rain, too, in the Wal Mart parking lot of all places!

Dutch said...

I wished the rain had stuck around longer but will take what I can get (especially since I have spent the last 3 days moving the hose around the yard.

BTW, when I was a kid, we had to rake...
Blowers Rock!