Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Every town has its own "scary" destination and Famerville was no different. It was a right of passage as a teenager to visit "The Bones". You HAD to go at night-how brave would it be to visit a graveyard in the daylight? This was the days of no seat belts, so you would pile a BIG group in your car-the more- the merrier. Out you would go several miles down the Wards Chapel Road. There was a church with a graveyard and oh yeah-no street lights-out in the country. The challenge was to walk behind the church into the cemetery and view "The Bones". "The Bones" were actually a grave that had been covered with a concrete covering-which had cracked with age and weather and fallen in. If you looked just right, you could actually see the bones. You would have your flashlight and back you would troop to the graves. This always ended with one of the girls screaming and the resulting cascade of squeals and screams from the other females. Then the RACE back to the car, the squealing of tires, and hotfooting it back to town-laughing all of the way.
Halloween brings memories of "Trick & Treating" dressed in some lame costume, with a paper bag for treats (no plastic pumpkins in those days), your flashlight, and your good friends. This was during the days when the kids roamed free without adult supervision and you did not worry about the NUTS in the world. After an evening of going to every house your feet could take you to, you went home and poured out the loot. The REAL trick was to hide your candy to keep your brothers out of it and savor it over a long period of time. Candy was a treat and not on hand at home, so I was not interested in sharing, except for the raisin boxes-you could have all of those.

Teenage years also brought memories of times associated with toilet paper and soap. I will spare you the details to protect the guilty. The only time I remember getting into trouble is when the local constable figured out who had rolled Meggie's house. The only punishment was having to clean it up. No one took you to the detention center and your parents were not called-VERY DIFFERENT FROM TODAY! A wonderful time of innocence when everyone knew you and who your parents were. Hillary did not come up with the concept of a village raising a child, it was born a LONG time ago in the south. Read Tom Sawyer-the concept has been around for generations.

Today was Papa James'es birthday, my paternal grandfather. I cannot remember the birthdays of any of my other grandparents, but Halloween was easy to remember. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PAPA!

We ran 8 this morning and then walked 4. Babs is once again going off and leaving me. I thought I was doing great running 10 1/2 minute miles-but she ran 10 minute miles. She did have the advantage of only running 7, since she is training for the half, but she was 1/2 a block ahead of me at her turnoff. I definitely have gotten over any fear of "BONES" I might of ever had since I ran through the middle of the cemetery, alone and in the dark. I'M SUCH A BRAVE GIRL!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


My sweet niece, Adrian requested more childhood memories and Babs told me today that she had never heard me speak of my Daddy, so here are a couple more.

Daddy, in some ways, was just as much of a kid as the rest of us. He was always in the middle of whatever was going on with us kids-Boy Scouts, 4-H, raising various kinds of animals, playing games, etc. etc. He was very active with the Boy Scouts which my brothers were members of. He was elected to the Order of the Arrow which was a special honor division of the Scouts. He was the one that wanted to start raising the sheep and steers, I think, but he jumped in with all his enthusiasm. One summer he decided that we need to get the best lambs possible, so we took off, in a station wagon to Oklahoma to pick up 3 or 4 lambs. We didn't have a trailer, so we put hay in the back of the wagon and the lambs rode home-from Oklahoma to Farmerville with us. This was a long trip since this was pre-interstate highways. Two lanes all the way to Oklahoma and back. I remember changing the hay at night-for obvious reasons-and feeding the lambs. It was a long trip so when we stayed in a motel, they slept in the wagon. WHAT WAS HE THINKING?

Daddy was a very talented musician who not only read music, but also played by ear. I loved sitting by him on the piano bench and listening to him play. I am not sure why I did not inherit any of that talent, but it did skip a generation and Camille was fortunate enough to inherit her share.

I remember being held down by him and tickled silly. I did not consider this child abuse as the experts would have you believe today, but great fun.

Christmas was magical while Daddy was with us. Toys in abundance and fruit, nuts & firecrackers. It was a wonderful time of the year that he seemed to enjoy as much as we did. Once Daddy was gone, Christmas became just another day with some years no special celebration. I believe we began going to the movie on Christmas day when I was a teenager, and my brother still does that to this day.

My childhood was not all magical and there were times that are painful to remember, even today. Daddy seemed to have his life straightened back out when he discovered he had lung cancer. The cancer was so advanced by the time they figured it out that he only lived two more months. Lung cancer, during those days, was a very horrible way to die. Don't smoke, please, don't smoke.

We walked 5 this Am and I lifted, but that is the extinct of today's activities.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Sweet memories of many Falls gone by! As we were riding through the miles of fields yesterday, including cotton fields, I had a moment of nostalgia remembering Falls of my childhood. Every little town had its own cotton gin and of course the warehouse beside or behind it to store the cotton bales in. I have these wonderful memories of being in the back seat of Daddy's car and going to the cotton gin where Mr. Lonnie was in charge of the processing of the crop. One day I was allowed to get out of the car and actually see the action. As I remember, there was this big machine that combed through the cotton boles to remove the trash, leaves, and cotton seeds. The cotton seed themselves were a valuable commodity with the oil that is extracted from them used in other processes. Once the cotton had been cleaned, it was compressed into these giant cotton bales which were wrapped with burlap and strapped closed. The cotton bales were then placed in the warehouse waiting for the price to be right, the broker to come by, or some other mysterious cotton selling process. I have a very vivid memory of the cotton warehouse catching fire. The cotton bales made for a slow smoldering fire that the volunteer fire department struggled to put out. The end of this season in the history of Farmerville came when the gin itself burned. By this time, the little farmer planting a few acres of cotton for his cash crop had ended. These men, from "the country" had begun working in the plant in Sterlington to support their families. They still had kitchen gardens and raised a few head of cattle, but the day of the farmer had passed.

My Daddy was a sweet man with a wonderful personality. He never met a stranger and was liked by all, but he had his human frailties, as we all do. One of the thrills of my childhood was he allowing me to "go to town" with him. He spent many a hour in the coffee shop talking with his friends and smoking cigarettes. I was allowed to have a coke, but the biggest thrill was just being with him. There were times that I felt like a princess just because he loved me and treated me special. There is nothing like a girl's daddy and how special he can make you feel. Unfortunately he died before my teenage years from lung cancer. I still miss him today and envy my friends when they talk about their relationships with their Daddies.

Fall brought the cotton crop being harvested, leaves being raked into piles that we jumped in with glee, the crispness of the fall evening and early morning, the smell of the fireplace and the leaves being burned, and the cold air blowing in your face as you rode your bike down "the big hill." The game of choice during these falls days was, of course, football. Being raised with 2 brothers and their many male friends, I was allowed to play with them, but always had the job of tackling dummy, or some such position. What a wonderful time of the year and all it takes is a whiff of an old memory or the vision of any fall scene and back I go to the wonderful days of childhood.

Step out of your door and smell-there is fall in the air!
We ran 6 this morning and then walked 4 more. A cool crisp morning with millions of stars in the cloudless sky and a cloud of vapor escaping when you exhaled. The injury "de jour" this year seems to be the Achilles. Larry has the beginning stages of his being injured, so he is taking off at least a week. After losing Camille and Stephanie to this same malady-it is a little alarming! What are we doing wrong?

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Sugarcane fields to the right

Mr. Gator at Prejeans

World Famous Lea's

Don't you love the get up of the guitar player?

Below-The "Runners" at the reception

MOB on left Groom & Bride

We started our trip back to Ruston deep in Cajun Country. You are in the land where one misstep could land you deep in black gumbo mud. The fields are flat and you can see forever. You get the feeling you are at the end of the earth and could fall off if you just went a couple of more miles to the south.
We began the day at Prejeans for an early lunch. We enjoyed catfish, shrimp, crab, alligator, crab, and frog legs cooked in every conceivable manner. DELICIOUS! As BC said, "Eat slow so you can eat more." The picture above with Mr. Gator is inside Prejeans. We enjoyed a "genuine Cajun Band" playing cajun music while stuffing ourselves to the "miserable point". We all had a great lunch and enjoyed going over the wedding highlights.
Back in the car, we head north staying in flat country until we get to Alexandria. We pass many miles of sugar cane fields, cotton fields, and other crop fields. Miles upon miles of agricultural commerce.
As we near Alexandria, we stop -ONE MORE TIME- for pie at the world famous Lea's Restaurant known throughout the south for DELICIOUS pies and ham. I have fond memories over the years of stopping at Lea's for a meal on the trek south to Baton Rouge. We no longer go to Baton Route this way, so I have missed the thrill of those delicious pies. I don't know where I put that pie, but who could say "No"?
As we once again headed north, we passed one more restaurant that caught our eye. As you will note on the above sign, the UNUSUAL cuisine would have made for one more delicious meal. Unfortunately-they were closed. The disappointment was palatable in the car.
Finally we are back in God's country-Ruston and Home Sweet Home. Such a wonderful weekend, but it is always wonderful to be home.
We walked about 4 miles at the park this afternoon, to take the kinks out. Back to the real world of sensible eating and exercise next week. IT WAS GREAT FUN WHILE IT LASTED!


We attended Bethany's beautiful "Cajun wedding" at the chapel at Vermillionville (sp) last night. What a wonderful evening and a great time. The bride arrived at the authentic "Cajun Chapel" by a white horse pulled carriage. She was married by her Grandfather, Dr. Johnson, in a sweet and meaningful ceremony, and then the party began. The entire Cardwell family looked beautiful and the groom's side were pretty spiffy also. Such a wonderful way to start their married life together!

The reception was held in the Performance Hall. We all enjoyed delicious Cajun Fare. The people in Louisiana are great cooks-BUT THAT CAJUN CUISINE-WELL THERE ARE NOT ADEQUATE WORDS! They had a band from Ruston come to play-and I might add-one of Ruston's finest. After an evening of eating, dancing, and celebrating, we rang bells as the bride and groom departed for their honeymoon in the Caribbean. Pictures are coming-but I only have a few as the "Running Friends" had a job and were kept pretty busy during the evening. We had a great time and felt "needed" by our friend, Sonja. I will post pictures I do have when we get home tonight.

We had an adventure getting down here yesterday, a great Cajun lunch, and are leaving town this AM, after one more Cajun brunch. Do you think we might like to eat? I will not bore you with the details of each meal-suffice it to say-NO WONDER WE LIVE IN AN OBESE NATION!

When we got back to the hotel, all of the runners, our Canadian hiking guide, Jim (Sonja's brother-in-law), Susan, (Sonja' sister), and anyone else that wandered through sat in the lobby and talked and laughed until mid-night. We revisited the wedding with the bride's parents, talked of running, rehashed our hiking trip, heard about Ivory's trip to New York, etc. etc. WHAT A GREAT TIME! Sheila, aka MotoMomma on the blog, brought me a special surprise. She is a regular reader of this narrative, so she brought me something I have NEVER had-thong panties. Not only thongs, but in colors-MY MOTHER IS ROLLING IN HER GRAVE. Don't worry you will not have to EVER see that sight!

Friday, October 26, 2007


Today was long run day. 17.2 GRUELING MILES. Before it was over I was questioning my sanity. "Now why am I doing this????" "Whose bright idea was this marathon???? Part of the adventure is that you have to fuel as you run. You burn around 100 calories per mile, so you have to refuel after about 10 miles. Thus the "GOO". Today I had the bright idea that I would try these jelly bean like things that are supposed to be the same thing as the goo. This did not go well! To begin with I threw about 3 or 4 jellybeans in my mouth. NOT A GOOD IDEA! It turns out they are VERY chewy! I almost choked to death before getting them all chewed up. You have to pull the little beans out-one at a time as you are running down the road and then chew them up-SLOWLY. People, I can not run and chew at the same time. LACK OF COORDINATION THINGY! The jelly bean people will not be getting anymore of my business. I will go back to the Goo and endure the baby food texture to get my fuel.

The next adventure was the MP-3 player. I am definitely technically challenged. I did finally figure out how to get songs down loaded on the thing, but then when I tried to turn it on I hear about 30 seconds of a down loaded song and then the radio comes on. I am not sure how I did that, but decided to listen to the radio rather than risk losing any entertainment. I am sure I pushed one of the tiny buttons wrong-but I will have to get the directions again to figure out what I am doing.

Today was a great run for the first 11 or so miles, and then I fell off my pace. The challenge is to figure out what went wrong and fix it between now and the marathon. I have a couple of ideas, but we will see. This next week will be a cut back week when we only run 11 miles. A Veritable Walk in the Park!

Part of the running group are going to Sonja's daughter's wedding in Lafayette tomorrow. Mr. C will be driving us down. He has spent the morning figuring out just where we will eat while there. WE ARE GLAD HE HAS HIS PRIORITIES SET! Looking forward to a great time and will report on the fun! The trip down and back will be a hoot in itself as we have 2 men in the front and 3 women in the back. NEW MEANING TO B ACK SEAT DRIVING!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Bobby was upstairs typing his weekly email to our small group last night while I was downstairs on the laptop. The telephone rings and it is bc wanting to know how to spell a word. We are feet apart, there is noone else in the house, and he calls me to ask a question. What happened to the good old days of yelling from room to room? I come from a Mother who could yell with the best of them. Our mornings started with her yelling down the hall for me to get up. After about 5 or 10 minutes of yelling for me to get up and me yelling back, "Im up", she would start down the hall. Let me assure you once I heard those footsteps start down the hall, I was up. You didn't fool with Momma. As my niece once said, "She could whoop good." I spent many an afternoon in the front yard yelling for the kids to come in. You could hear me for several square blocks. I learned to reach way down in my gut and push it out. YOU HAD TO HEAR ME-or you were deaf. Sometimes I miss those simplier times when everyone did not have a cell phone stuck in their ear all of the time. We actually had to communicate face to face-no phoning, no emailing-just plain old fashioned talking. You can tell a lot when you actually eyeball a person while they are speaking with you. It's hard to get the gist of where someone is coming from over the phone or across the internet.

My little niece, Ann has discovered that her Auntie and cousin have blogs and has commented on them both. I will never forget Ann staying for us for a brief period of time while she was in college. She totally amazed me! You would walk in her room and there would be clothes on every square inch of the floor. Being slightly OCD, I would pick them up to wash them. She would come running through looking for some outfit that had been on the floor, get it out of the dirty clothes, put it on and come out looking like a million dollars. She could get dressed in about 15 minutes and her make up and hair would look like Vogue magazine. IT WAS TOTALLY AMAZING! I look like a refuge most of the time and no matter how much time I take can not pull off the "I've Got It Together" look.

No exercising today, tomorrow is long run day. I did go get a sports massage. I am able to endure all of his pain quite well today. The knots seem to be better and thus not as much pushing with the "terrible thumb". He did tell me that my hipflexors were tight. REALLY DO YOU THINK! He did give me a stretch to begin working on that. I then had to run to Monroe to pick up some goo for tomorrow. I still holding the goo discussion for another day.Suffise it to say that we can spend an entire day talking about the complicated subject of goo.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I have made the leap and finally gotten a laptop. WHAT FUN! This summer while hiking in Canada, I would use Sandra's everyday to post pictures of our hikes and write about the day's activities. COOOOOL! Brother Noel, the technical brain in the family, helped me order one and then got me set up and going. I can sit in the room with BC and be on the computer, but still eyeballing him. How Neat! Now if someone can just explain to me how to get songs downloaded to my new MP-3 player, I will be in the 21st century at last.

Wednesdays are busy days with an early morning run, trip to Arcadia today for lunch with Mona, haircut after lunch-and washing away that gray, greeting the kids at church, and finally small group meeting. I NEED TO GO TO BED! It has been a long day since 4:45.

We helped Nancy divide meds into small plastic bags for her Romanian mission trip. You were supposed to put 30 in each bag with a label attached giving the dosage. We turned it into an assembly line, with plenty of laughter along the way. You basically have your bean counters (me), your estimators, and your just down right guessers. It is funny how your style goes pretty much with your personality. We bagged Tylenol and anti-acids for an hour-lots of meds. I am happy to report that they should be able to cure all of the Romanian headaches and acid stomachs for the next few months. I was disappointed that I did not have a slip of paper to put in each bag with "Inspected by lc". You know we all would love to see that person that personally inspected our merchandise and put that tag with it.

Bad news on the Marathon front, Stephanie has torn her Achilles and will at the best only be able to do the half. She was really doing great and we hate to see this happen to anyone. When you start to get into the serious miles, as we now have, these things happen. Lisa has been sick and has also decided to do the half. This is pulling the full numbers down to a handful. We still have a lot of training to go

We ran 8 this morning, but did not walk afterward. It takes a while to get your blood thickened up and your body used to the cooler temperatures. HEY I AM NOT COMPLAINING! I remember how miserable it was just Monday, so I will not be whining anytime soon.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I seem to have hit a nerve with my last post. I have never had that many comments and emails before! Since intimate apparel seems to be such a hot item, maybe for my next career I could be a designer of these items. I have actually come up with my first two designs.

The first will be a little number with leather strings holding together a leather strip to cover the necessities-I plan to call it "Barely There".

The second will be a strip of net with a few rhinestones held by WAXED dental floss (unwaxed would be too much)-I plan to call it "Why Bother".

I think I will make a fortune and have a brief (no pun intended) career.

Mr. Fall REALLY arrived in Louisiana today. IT IS GREAT! I have told Larry that if he hears me complaining about being cold, to slap me. We are actually down in the 40's and I have my first fire of the season. Now this is what Fall is all about-cool (there is a art to building cool fires) fires, my favorite chair, and a cup of hot chocolate. It doesn't get any better than that!

Babs & I ended up at the Lambright this AM since is was sprinkling and cold. We tried out this machine that is a cross between an elliptical and a cross country skiing machine. Quite an adventure! I give new meaning to lack of co-ordination! I did manage to put 4.5 miles on it and worked up a sweat before it was over. Hopefully there will not be too many days that we are driven indoors. Tomorrow is mid week long run and we step up to 8 miles. FUN & COLD! I did go to the stretching & abs classes tonight. I think I might have pulled my glutous maxi mus while there-THOSE LARGE MUSCLES ARE TOUGH PULLS.

Monday, October 22, 2007


I got into a conversation the other day with some other female friends about panties. We were all discussing what styles you were willing to wear and which you just couldn't go to, etc. etc. This began me thinking about how far panties have come since I was a little girl and wore white cotton panties with a ruffle around the legs and elastic at your waist. The "Mary Jane" of panties-quite the Cadillac at the time. Things were simple in the good old days. You didn't have to think about it-you just pulled out a pair of the Mary Jane's from the stack in your drawer and that was that. My Mother would have NEVER allowed any color to be in the "Undie Drawer". You know Ladies wear white!

Today now it seems anything or better yet almost nothing goes. Any color under the sun, any print, high on your leg, cut up to your eyeballs, only strings where the legs should be- low waist, lower waist, and barely hanging on. AND THE COST! It is ridiculous! What in the world happened to the "World of Underwear"? I believe it was the advent of VS which caused this landslide down the slippery slope of "Intimates". You can spend as much and sometimes more in your undergarments-which suppose ably are unseen-as you can the outer garments. Most of us OLDER women agreed-we could go along with a lot but "The thong"-well HOW COULD THAT BE COMFORTABLE???? Have you ever had your pants slip and end up with a wedgie? Think about walking around like that ALL DAY and ON PURPOSE! WHAT ARE WOMEN THINKING? I know about 1 good handful of women that would look good with those on and I DO NOT HAVE A NEED TO SEE THAT!

Friend, Helen, asked did I only have white panties. She then told me that I was SO CONSERVATIVE that she just knew that I would not go into the colors. WHAT IMAGE AM I PORTRAYING TO YOU PEOPLE?

We ran our 5 this AM, but started out in the rain and with lightening on the horizon. BABS WAS NOT HAPPY WITH ME! It turned out fine, since it quit raining before we got to the Interstate, but my shoes were squishing and my hair plastered before it was over. IT WAS SO HOT & HUMID! We did not walk after that, since we thought we had had enough!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Sweet Little Abby & Her Mom, Adrian
Miss Audrey

We went to brother, Robbie's last night for his & Laurie's annual Halloween party. Laurie's niece and all of her friends are the honorees for this annual occasion, but our great niece's Audrey & Abby were also there all dressed up in their ballerina costumes.
We heard a cute story about Audrey, who is 3 while there. It seems that Audrey spotted a toy recently that she just could not live without. She proceeded to tell her Mom to buy it for her, and her Mom explained why they could not buy it right now, but it would be a good thing to put on her Santa list. Audrey did not like hearing no, and continued to plead for the toy. After more No's, she finally stopped for a moment and said, "I know I will pray for God to send it to me." This lead to a deep discussion about what was appropriate to pray for and how we should not make selfish requests of God, but pray for others, etc., etc., etc. When the parental lecture was finished, Audrey turned to walk away and said over her shoulder, "I'm still asking God." What a cute and funny story on our sweet little great-niece, but it caused me to think. Do we not ask for God to answer our wants at times, because we lack faith? Do we need the faith of a 3 year old, to think that God cares enough to answer our prayers? I am here to tell you I am asking God for what I want! I want my friends healed from their illnesses and I want my loved ones safe in His care and I want His direction in the lives of those I care for. I am praying expecting and knowing I will get an answer-just as Audrey at 3 prays.
A wonderful Sabbath! An encouraging message, a time of worship and fellowship of dear friends. Who could ask for more?
We walked 5 this afternoon in the heat. Hey God, I AM READY FOR FALL!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Our sweet daughter-in-law, Caroline (we refer to her as our daughter) lost her Dad last night and our precious grandchildren, Caleb & Cade, lost their grandfather, Hymie. Hymie was a wonderful grandfather who delighted in being in the floor or in the middle of whatever the boys were doing. You could count on him to always have a "Starburst" hidden in his pocket to treat the boys with. Their Mom did not always approve, but that is what we grandparents are here for-to love and spoil our grands. We are so blessed that Jim always lived close to the boys-following them from Baton Rouge to Austin to be near and enjoy them.

Caroline was a loving and compassionate daughter through-out this illness for Jim. I found with Momma that it is most important when the day comes that our parents leave us that we can KNOW that we did all we could for them. The day comes for each and every one of us to leave this earthly dwelling place, but how much easier to leave knowing we are loved.

"There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under heaven:
a time to be born and a time to die"

It is so difficult to watch the life slowly flow from our loved ones, but we all pass through these days. I thank God for the assurance of salvation and look forward to dwelling with Him on high-in His good and appointed time.

We started our long run this morning at 5:30. Part of our route is down the road by the old airport and past the ballpark. It is dark and out in the boondocks. Could I tell you of the glory of God's creation that I witnessed when running down this dark road? I looked up and the sky was covered with stars. Some big and some small, but all a reminder of the wonder of His creation. I thank God for the beauty of this earth that he has given us and think with awe of how much more beautiful Heaven will be some day.

16 miles down-YEAH!
6 step ups complete-6 more to go
10 miles to go-UGH!

Friday, October 19, 2007


Dr. Dale & His Personal Photographer, Allison

Long Term Friend Mrs. Bobbie Lipscomb

Can't figure out how I double dipped!

Neighbors & Friends-Anderson's

The Woman Who Kept Him Straight At the Office
Mrs. Spillers

Dr. Herbert making wonderful remarks-UNTIL
He announced that he though Jesus was a Democrat!

Chief of Staff, Dr. Bellue making presentation

Wesley, Doctor & Granny

"The Mayor" Thanking All of the Boersma Clan

Our sweet friend & his grandson
There was a reception at the Hospital today honoring Dr. Dale for all of his years of service to the medical community. There were many kind things said, but the most important thing was the acknowledgement that Dr. Dale HAD ALWAYS "WALKED THE WALK". I cannot think of another thing more important for anyone to say about us! It was a bittersweet day-acknowledging all that Dr. Dale had done, but also recognizing that he is no longer able to carry on with the duties that he loved so well. I choose to dwell on the blessing that Dale not only has been, but that he continues to be in mine and Bobby's lives. WHAT A MAN OF GOD! I thank God that he drew us together and that we have walked this earth as co-laborers for the past few years. I am looking forward to more "pearls of wisdom" from this dear friend in the days to come and for the occassional rise of my hackles by some comment that he makes! The man is a mess, but a sweet mess!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


The things we are willing to do for the sake of training! Sandra told me this AM as we were walking our 5 that Lori & Ivory (aka-THE BIG GIRLS) started their long run at 3:45-THAT IS NOT PM-BUT AM. It seems that Ivory has a trip to New York planned for the weekend, so Lori agreed to run today. IT WAS SO HOT this AM! When we started our walk at 6 it was 76 degrees and humid. When you walk out the door to leave and the walk and garage are wet-TROUBLE! The wind was blowing-but not a cool wind-a hot humid wind from the South which just slows you down and does not cool you any. Sandra talked with Lori mid-morning and she said it was HORRIBLE. Ivory had not eaten before starting (I guess that would be called a midnight breakfast) and forgot her goo-THIS SPELLS TROUBLE. It takes a lot of fuel to make all of these miles. I have begun eating a large meal the night before and then getting up and eating a banana and muffin before starting. MOST IMPORTANT to have fuel in the tank!

Ivory has prior experience with not drinking enough at the Marine Corp Marathon. She passed out about half way because it was hot and she was not drinking ANY along the way. After having an IV, she proceeded-against medical advice-to get up and finish that sucker! WHAT A WOMAN! Now I am impressed with that feat, but IVORY-WHAT WERE YOU THINKING TODAY! She will get a lecture from Mother Lora the next time I see her. We will not have anymore of this being under hydrated or under fueled!

Sandra & I saw Babs leaving the pool this AM after her Thursday swim. The lady has gills instead of lungs! She is quite the swimmer. As for me-until they let you wear water wings-I think I will stay on the dry land!

We had another great Small Group last night with everyone sharing stories about questioning authority. It seems we have quite a few heavy feet in the group that are helping keep the Treasuries of many small Louisiana towns filled. Helen has a great tale about that very subject- Her final zing to the policeman in this particular tale is- "I need a receipt." when she wrote the check. Mrs. Helen can be SO SWEET-but she definitely has fire in her gut!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I decided to blow off the decks and drive today since we had a big blow and rain yesterday. They were absolutely covered and you could not see the surface of either of them. We have two blowers-a new one-that today did not want to start and an old one that decided it would only work on idle. This entailed me raking a large part of the debris before using the blower. It was like trying to blow out the blazing inferno with your on breathe. I thought I would never finish! I probably would have given up before the frustration set in but BC had mentioned about 3 times that He would blow it off. Loosely translated this means, you need to get out there and blow-what else have you been doing. He would never be so unkind as to say that-but I get the message. We have another round of thunderstorms coming through-so he probably will not be able to even tell I did anything-BUT I will have the satisfaction of telling him of blowing -IN THE RAIN-for a couple of hours.

Helen had a sad day yesterday. Her little Chinese Pug died after seizing. Duke was blessed to be sent to Helen and has lived a blessed life with her, but God knew it was time to take him. Duke and his brother came to Helen when her son Mark & his family were moving to Malawai. They had the dogs crated and ready to fly when they were told-in Atlanta-that they could not go. The boys then came to live with Granny! Duke had an unfortunate accident some time after that and broke his back. One side has been paralyzed ever since then, but he has received the best of care. Helen spent one summer in the pool with Duke trying to rehabilitate him. He loved her and she loved him! What a sad day when we loose our pets, but what a blessing they are for us! Helen still has the brother, who she says is making every step she is. He is looking for Duke, but will have to settle for his new sibling, Helen!

We ran our last 7 mile mid week run today and then walked 5. IT WAS SO HOT and misting and miserable! The best thing I can say about that is that it is over! Miss Babs, once again, pushed me every step of the way. She will be going off and leaving me next week! Sandra was at her best and kept Larry challenged. Larry needs a good challenge now and then! There was not a dry thread on anyone when we finished!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Bobby went for his "root canal" this afternoon. All went well and he has been in a drug induced coma since arriving home. For all the talk and dread, I think it was not nearly as bad as he feared. The worst part to me would be holding that mouth open for 2 1/2 hours. That could very well lead to "lock jaw" don't you think? The doctor is confident he has saved the tooth and that is what is important. They have come a long way with their technology since "Dr. Billy" used to put his huge hand in my little mouth. Have you ever wondered why they don't teach the dentist when they are going to school to not ask questions when you mouth is full of their hand, numb and droll is running down your chin?

Today has been a rather quiet day and I have not had any "pearls of wisdom" drop into my head. I have been to a small group leaders meeting tonight and do have one thought. Why is it we are so ready to pray for Aunt Sue's husband's second cousin's next door neighbor, but are never really willing to admit to our own needs and hurts? Do we think we are in this alone and everyone else is leading perfect lives?

Bought the plane tickets for the Erie Crew to come home for Christmas today. That is something to look forward to! They will enjoy a break from the snow and the warmth that we usually have here at Christmas. Hopefully the entire crew will be in Vienna for Santa's visit this year. Want that be fun!

We walked 5 this AM and then I lifted. Mrs. Sandra gave me a lesson on using my watch and timing the splits. I think I have all of it down, until I try to retrieve those splits. It is not easy to teach "an old dog" new tricks.

Monday, October 15, 2007


We had lunch today to celebrate Babs's birthday. She will be my age for the next two months and then once again-I am the old lady! You will note by my eyes that I slept during the entire meal. It had been a long morning since 4:30 when my eyes popped open. We ate everything they brought us and asked for dessert, which they were out of. We don't look underfed in this pic-but you would think we had been without food for a week!

While enjoying the fellowship, Susan told me about this sign around town-

The words say- "One Expecting To Go To Heaven Should Take Time To Learn The Route"

I realize that I have a leg up on everyone-since I make the running routes up-but I do send a map-send an email with verbal directions and send the mile markers. Come on people- LEARN THE ROUTE! Most weeks we do the same standard run with add ins and deletions to extra miles. IT REALLY IS NOT THAT DIFFICULT!

This morning while running I had a thought about our different styles of running. You have the "Stealth Tiger"who has a quiet, but quick footfall and will come up behind you and you never know it. You have the "Herd of Horses" who are more noisy and turning their heads back and forth as their tails do this pendulum routine (Ponytails). You have the "Herd of Elephants" which can motor along at a steady pace, but their footfall can be heard a block away. I think I fall into the "Elephant-Whale Cross"- my footfall is like that of a middle linebacker and I am blowing like a whale that has just surfaced from a mile down. Really I am quite the dainty sight to behold!

We ran 5 and walked another 5 this AM. The "Real Babs" showed up today and pushed me every step of the way! I knew "The Old Girl" would eat my lunch sooner than later!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


We have put out feed for the birds since I have seen several investigating the feeder this weekend. I love to watch my birds all winter, but the squirrels just about drive me NUTS (NO PUN)! Bobby filled the "squirrel proof" feeder yesterday and the squirrels have already figured out- " HEY FREE FOOD!" You should see the acrobatic moves they make to get that free meal. Who ever thought animals were dumb has never dealt with trying to keep squirrels out of your birdfeed! I am going to grease down the pole the feeder is on again, just to have a couple of days of fun watching them trying to get up it. Those little varmints are something else!

We had The Boersma's, Sonja, Margarita & The Anderson's over last night for a community meal and a game of Balderdash. We had a wonderful time, but have discovered who in the group are the best yarn tellers. I keep giving away the secrets of how to tell BC's answers-so he was about ready to kill me. BUT COME ON- when you always say- GREEK WORD FOR- Did not anyone else ever see "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? I think I shared the last time we played that he was giving very long and verboise answers-which could never have fit on the little bitty card the words come on. He is wising up and actually did quite well last night. Thought he was going to win, but then Mr. Jim (You have got to watch those quiet ones) came from behind and skunked us all.

Enjoyed an exercise free day-again today. Just letting the legs rest before another tough week. OK-I'm going to say this fast-so it will sound good-WE'RE 1/3 OF THE WAY THROUGH OUR TRAINING!! We have done 5 step ups and have 7 more to go; 12 more weeks of training- 10 more weeks of hard training. WOW-NOW I AM DEPRESSED!

Saturday, October 13, 2007


While riding to Monroe for a quick Sams trip yesterday, I decided to listen to the Country Music station. You have got to hand it to those country writers-they are definitely creative! The first song I heard was

"There's A Tiger in Those Tight Fitting Jeans"

I don't think I have to even comment on that!

Later in the trip this one caught my attention-

"I'd like to check you for ticks"

This would make every mother proud to know that some redneck was singing this to her pride and joy. In another part of the same song he says
"I'd like to see the other half of your butterfly tatoo"

Now Mom is also delighted to know that Little Susie has gone out and gotten a tatoo that is peeping over those low rider jeans!

Hank Williams, Jr. has a song-

"If I get stoned, I'm carrying on a Family Tradition"


The sad song of the day was-
"If you're reading this I'm already gone."

One of my all time favorites I have only heard once-but I have NEVER forgotten it-

"We've buried the hatchet, but the handle is still sticking out."

Let your mind wander!
My friend Mona told me that her husband's family would be having their family reunion. She said it is

"the second Saturday after the first Saturday in squirrel season every year."

You thought figuring out when Easter is was a problem??? You do know that squirrel season does not start on the same day every year, so unless you are a hunter and privy to this information, YOU ARE IN TROUBLE! Perhaps they do not want the non-hunters coming or perhaps hunting is genetic in that family-I would never venture a guess!

We did our long run this morning and the weather was SO NICE! What a difference it makes for it to be cool and dry! Finished that 15 miles and glad of it! My two main running buddies are running the half at Houston, so I am pretty much on my own for most of these miles. I'VE GOT TO GET AN IPOD!

On a final sad note, sweet Camille called and her injury is not better, so no marathon. This is disappointing and hurts our pride to realize that our goal will not be obtained, but as I told her there will be plenty of other marathons. It is really important to not have a permanent and lasting injury that will put you out of running commission. Now Helen, before you start with me, I do know enough to realize when it is muscular and not a tendon, bone, etc. I listen to my body and when it is not complaining when I run, then I am alright! I reminded Camille that I did not run my first marathon until I was over 50. She has lots and lots of time!

Friday, October 12, 2007


Hostess Connie & Debbie
Fearless Leader & Carol

James & His Gator Tales

Teacher Conference-Debbie & Margarita

Ron & Carol laughing with John

Mrs. Helen, Dr. Dale & Gerry

Worship at the Coffee Pot
We had a great group Wednesday night, but were not complete with The Love's, The Cardwell's, The Rugegea's & Nancy MIA. We all lead TOO BUSY lives! Somehow Mrs. Artie managed to avoid the eye of the camera in the pictures. I can identify with this since I DO NOT LIKE to have my picture made. We will not let that happen again!
We have a resounding discussion about the triumphant entry and Jesus "Passing BY." Have you ever thought about the fact that Jesus rode a donkey that had never been ridden before? We concluded that this was a sign of perfection. Dicky pointed out Sunday how many people and sheep were all amassed during this holy time. What a great evening!
We walked 5 yesterday and then I went for another sport's massage. I am happy to report that the pain is much less and actually bearable. Jeff told me that my muscles are in much better shape-thus not nearly as many knots. This is a very good thing!
Today is Friday- NO PHYSICAL OUTPUT! Fall is here-at least temporarily-and I am loving it! Tomorrow's long run the beginning temperature should be the 50's. THANK YOU THANK YOU! Looking forward to a wonderful weekend!
Side note-For all of the other bird lovers-our resident bird expert, Gerry told me to leave my hummingbird feeders out and filled until around Christmas. He said we are getting rogue varieties of Hummingbirds until that time. My large group of hummingbirds have actually been gone for more than 2 weeks. I hate to see them go-but look forward to their return.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fall in LA before Fall in Erie

My Parents Just Exhaust Me!
TODAY WAS WONDERFUL! Maybe fall is finally coming-57 degrees when we started our run at 5:30. CAN I TELL YOU HOW DELIGHTFUL THAT WAS! I actually had on a short sleeve shirt, which ended up being hot before it was over, but I enjoyed the drier and cooler air greatly! We ran 7 and then walked 5. Larry kept on trucking and missed his turnoff on California, but he owed us after leaving off the Forest Circle Loop last week. I never saw him after the first block, so you are not close enough to yell and tell him his error. He is blazing so fast, that an extra mile or so will not hurt him one bit! We did talk about cutting our midweek walk a little shorter as we continue to add miles. We may try to stay within 10 miles or so and not overtax the legs.
We did have an interesting experience while flying home. We only had 30 minutes between flights in Detroit and the flight out of Erie was late arriving & taking off. We literally sprinted from one end of A, through the psychodelic tunnel underground and to the other end of B. They were announcing the last boarding call as we ran the last few yards. The gate lady was not very friendly and said, "We need to close the doors, you need to hurry!" We get on the flight which is full to the brim and they are sitting there waiting on us with everyone else aboard. Talk about feeling like a wart was on your nose! IT WAS NOT OUR FAULT, PEOPLE! Northwest was not a real good experience, but the last flight attendant may have redeemed the company for them. She was a character!
We played Speed Scrabble while in Erie which is a fun version of the old game. We each won a game and called it quits. The Jennings have the advantage of practice over us, but we aren't so slow and old that we can't catch on.
Tonight is small group and greeting the kids as they arrive at church. I am looking forward to our normal lively discussion as we talk about the "Triumphant Entry". Brother Dicky had a very interesting take on this that we listened to once we got home. I am looking forward to the comments about his new angle on this old subject!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Pufferbelly's Restaurant where we had Sunday brunch. This is an old fire station in Erie that has been converted. They had lots of artifacts from the old days inside including the original pole. We enjoyed lunch, but the food, to us, is pretty bland. You have to remember we come from the Land of LOTS of Seasonings. One thing we have noticed is that you do not see as many people who are REALLY obese like you do in the South. Could it be that you don't want to overeat when the food is just so-so?
Excuse sideways picture. This is roadside farmer's market with pumpkins, grapes, apples, etc. The pumpkins are cheaper than they are at home. I read that they have had a wet late summer which does make for better crops. As I do at the Christmas tree farm, I had to look at each and every one to make my selections.

This shows the beginnings of leaf change. Some of the trees have turned, just as ours do in stages, but everything is still very green. The lady at the nursery told me that they had a snow this coming weekend last fall. Perhaps the leaves turn and fall off and the snow comes all in the same week. That will make for a short period of enjoying God's painting abilities.

The grape vines went on and on for mile after mile. WOW! Who would have ever thought that they would have vineyards in PA? The wine we tasted was good, but I am only a sipper and only of whites. The others said the reds were good also. We actually saw them harvesting some of the grapes. They have a machine that looks like a little cotton picker that goes down the rows pulling the grapes. AMAZING! At the vineyard they have a sign in the tasting room-
I just had to ask and yes, it is because of Lucy's adventure in grape mashing.
We noticed that everything is clean and you do not see trash up and down the streets and roadways. Perhaps they don't have all of the pickups where everyone here throws their trash and then wonders what happened to it when they get home. We should charge an additional tax on pickups to keep the trash picked up. It was refreshing to see everything so clean.
We ran at Presque (Erie pronunciation-Presk) Isle which was really something. It is flat and a little like being in a swamp at places. It is surrounded by the Lake Erie and the bay. There were an unbelievable number of people walking, running, biking, sailing, swimming, skating, etc etc etc. They have a paved path that is over 13 miles long and every tenth of a mile is marked. This might be a little too much information for me. It was really lovely!
I ran by myself Monday AM with a map from USATA site. I got a little lost as one street did not have a sign that I could find. The Erie Times deliveryman was gracious enough to give me directions. I only saw 2 walkers, so I assume Erites do not exercise early as we do at home. It was hot, but not LA HOT! The rolling hills made for a very nice run, but I did get a little lost. Thank goodness there is a tower by Camille & Adam's house that I used as a beacon home.
We really had a wonderful time and The Jennings seemed to be settled and very happy. IT'S JUST A LONG WAY TO ERIE!

Monday, October 8, 2007




We had a wonderful weekend, but I have been up since 4:30 LA time, so I am dragging. I will give you more details and pictures tomorrow. I have only one comment-I didn't realize how much I missed Camille until I was with her for the weekend. I will have to get back into my busy routine, so I can recover from my sadness at leaving them today. What a blessing though that God placed Adam & Camille together! It does help so much to know how happy they are and that Adam is taking such good care of our Baby!

Sunday, October 7, 2007


The house is quiet as Adam is up studying and everyone is asleep, so a few quick observations about Erie. Erie is probably a lot like Ruston in that you would not opt for it to be your vacation spot, unless your children live there, but it has some very lovely areas. The main part of the town is FLAT-flat as the bayou parts of Louisiana, but the area that the Jennings live in is very hilly and full of beautiful trees, As you all know I am a tree hugger-so I am loving the trees. These are not the types of trees that we have at home and I will have to get a tree book to identify them, but they are beauitful. A lot of the foliage is like ours in Louisiana, I suppose that is due to all of the rain that they get. You don't see all of the same folliage, but a lot is the same.

The people for the most part seem nice. A little removed and not as overly friendly as the South, but nice. I am used to going anywhere and having someone's social history by asking one question. They are not open like that here and I have gotten a couple of wierd looks when I ask "How are you" to complete strangers. I would say about half and half when the question of friendliness comes up. Camille observed that when you were in a situation where they should know you-work, church, neighbors-she found them friendly and helpful.

One really neat thing that we could take a lesson from in the south, I observed yesterday. At the grocery that Camille and Adam shop in (which is a REALLY neat grocery-envy them=Walgaman's I think) they have a service where after you have bought your groceries if you have children to contend with, they will bring your groceries to a loading door and bring them to you and load your car for you. All you have to load is those kids. Now that is a neat idea!

The drivers are terrible! Now not all of them, but I have only seen worse in Mexico! You really have to be on the defense, for I am not sure they know what that red light or stop sign means. We were wondering if this is from driving in the winter and slipping and sliding around. One thing is for sure-I would hate to turn a new driver loose on these streets!

We are up and off to church this AM, so more will come later, but these are a few of my early mornings thoughts. We are so enjoying being here with Camille & Adam! They are very happy and a joy to be around. I see Mr. Blue Jay out the window so maybe I will go and observe a little nature before the house starts stirring!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

We are in Erie

Well we arrived in Erie-after dashing through 2 airports with very little time. Why is it that whenever you change planes-the stinking gates are at different ends of the airport? We found Adam & Camille well and Erie HOT! They claim that we brought the hot weather with us-but I think the claims of cool northern temperatures are exaggerated. They say the snow will start coming by the end of the month-IT WILL HAVE TO DROP AROUND 60 DEGREES! We are enjoying our time with the Jennings and I will give you detail after going back to God's Land-Louisiana. We visited a local winery today about 30 minutes east of Erie. Acres upon acres of vinyards. Really beautiful and so surprising in this part of the country. We stopped at a Farmer's Market to buy some pumpkins and also found locally grown apples and a basket of the famous grapes. We are enjoying our stay and BC loves the house. Pictures & more details to come later.

Camille & I went to run our long run this morning and she is still having problems with her achilles. I did run the cut-back of 10 miles, but could I tell you how difficult it is to run on only flat ground? I did run 11 minute miles for each and every mile, but was beginning to tire by the end. Camille is having difficulty, but we have talked about what she can do and hopefully she will be able to finish the training and run her marathon.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Dr. Dale & Mrs. Helen

I went over to visit with my precious friends , Dr. Dale & Mrs. Helen this afternoon. They are priceless! It turns out that Dr. Dale took a fall last night when getting up to go to the BR. He was not injured-well he said he couldn't see the spot that might be bruised-but they did have a scare. Helen told me that it was like two alligators wrestling on the floor when she was trying to get Dale up and back into bed. They told the tale with laughter -which considering the circumstances-I praise God for. They did say the light would be on all night from now on-so that Dale could see where he was going.

I have decided something about Dale. HE IS PROVOKING OUR SMALL GROUP TO STUDY! He often takes the contrary view on scripture and delights in presenting the "what ifs". I have decided that his motivation for this is to get us to study to disprove him. YOU GO-DALE! I love to see the twinkle in the man's eyes!

Today while visiting-I was making one of my famous positive declarations about cooking-which he immediately asked how I knew this. All the time he has a chuckle and twinkle in those eyes. I just ignore him and refuse to be provoked over cooking. I am only repeating what I have read or heard from some "famous" chef. It tastes good-so what else matters?

I have spent the day cleaning house and mentally preparing for our trip to Erie. My mother taught me a LONG TIME ago that you don't leave home without a clean house. For that matter, she never left home without me having cleaned her house. We are packing light for our trip north, since we change planes twice and only have 30 minutes each time. We plan to carry everything in our carry-ons. That will not be a problem for me-but MR. I MAY NEED THIS-will have a difficult time paring down his usual packing.

I am resting my hip today and tomorrow, so no exercise for me. I have decided until my hip is MUCH better I will not do any lower body exercise on Thursday & Friday, before my long runs. Camille & I are planning on running together on the "Peninsula" in Erie for our 15-if her Achilles holds out. I will do at least the 10 miles-which is our cutback week, anyway.

SO LOOKING FORWARD to seeing our baby and her hubby. IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE JUNE! We will be in flight tomorrow for most of the day-as it is not easy to get to Erie PA, but I will be updating you on our travels during the weekend.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


What fun to add another mile to that mid-week run! Not only another mile, but a harder route. We spend plenty of time discussing which is tougher-the long slow climbs or the steep fast ones. Personally I think the long slow climbs are the worst and we have plenty of those in Ruston. Larry told me this morning he was taking my name in vain on the way up Arizona after several steep and slow hills. At least that was the last hill of the run.

Larry was most upset this AM. It seems he missed one of the turns and probably cut off 1/3 of a mile on the route. What could possibly be so upsetting about missing part of the route? It is a mental thing. We are always counting tenths and hundredths of a mile on our runs. When you tell someone you ran a marathon and they ask you how far was it-(HELLO THEY ARE ALL THE SAME DISTANCE), you always say 26.2 miles. After 26 miles why would that .2 be so important? That .2 is often the toughest .2 of the race. In the Marine Corp Marathon, they have you run the last .2 mile-straight up the hill to the Iwo Jima Monument. NOT FUN ONE BIT, but you struggle to at least have a little jog going up and through the chute. WE WANT CREDIT FOR EACH AND EVERY FOOT!

We went to Monroe yesterday to the Bike Shop to pick up some GOO. GOO is a whole different subject that we will explore another day. Suffice it to say that we are once again on a quest to find the best possible energy extender to get us through those long miles after 13. Goo can give baby food a run for the money in the most disgusting!

I am off to greet and hug kids as I open doors of all the mini-vans at the church and then to small group. A Blessed Evening!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


We went to a simply stretching class tonight at the Lambright to try and get some flexibility back into the old limbs. To start with there are 4 of us runners and about 6 Tech students. Could I tell you how much more flexible they all were than us? Even the male in the group was more flexible and males are not known for their flexibility. There was a young girl right in front of us that could literally bend every joint almost double and not even flinch. The four of us-ON THE OTHER HAND-were moaning & groaning like we were in childbirth. Here is one small example. Sit on the floor, now double one leg behind you and sit on it, put the other leg straight behind you and lean forward from the waist, without bending your back. We could get in most of the positions, the fun part was trying to get out of them. Overall-I would say this was an excellent thing to do, since we all should be stretching MUCH more than we do.
We walked our 5 this AM. My hip seems to be getting better-thanks to the drugs given to me by MY FRIEND! I can feel twinges in it after about 10 hours, but by then it is almost time to take another one. I am encouraged!
We start running 7 miles for our mid-week run tomorrow. It is so hot and humid-that is not a great thought-but we will get through it! When or when is fall coming??? I promise to not gripe about how cold it is at least until February.
BC & I are off to Erie this weekend. REALLY looking forward to seeing #1 Daughter & Son-in-law. It has been a long time since the beginning of June. It is great to talk and email often-but you just need to eyeball them to see that they are truly alright. Fun times in Erie!

Monday, October 1, 2007


I have really been working on this old hip. Icing-heat-stretching-etc etc. Have you ever walked by the boys' lock room or the trainer's room and caught a whiff of the wonderful aroma from the analgesics you rub on muscles, strains, etc? It is such a pungent fragrance-reminiscent of old time liniment. That is the way I smell at least part of the day everyday. You might want to try to get down-wind when I am by you. I put this really big patch full of it on my hip in the AM before running to try to get it warmed up before starting. I put another kind on after my shower and then again at bedtime. I know Mr. C thinks this is really sexy-kind of like having your Grandmother in the bed with you. It actually does feel a little better today. One of my buddies-names will not be give in order to protect the innocent-gave me 4 of her arthritis pills this AM. I definitely could tell the difference for a few hours after I took the first one. I am having twinges now, but it is time to ice and getting close to time to take another one. WE SHALL SEE! I actually looked it up on line and I think I may bursitis-but I still do not have my medical degree-so that may not be the case.

We ran 5 and walked 5 this AM. HOT & HUMID! Babs is having to acclimate after a week in Idaho and their lovely weather. Larry caught his foot while running on a dark stretch of sidewalk and pulled his back. It is too early in the training to be having injuries cropping up. Ivory also has a knot in her hip area. Jeff's thumb and elbow will get that buddy out! The bad thing is the first time you go, he does not do nearly enough of that. He told me he is introducing himself to your muscles. Hello Muscle, I'm Jeff. I plan to inflict great pain on you next time we see each other. Today I just wanted to say, Hi, but NEXT TIME-no more niceties.