Saturday, July 31, 2010


Mr. Dillo does NOT know who he is fooling around with. I was up at 12:30; 2:30; and 4:00 last night. Take the rifle---a flashlight & walk all over these 5 acres. He was a NO show. I go inside--get on the couch and FINALLY doze off from 4:15-5:00. BACK UP for my run. When I leave at 5:10 he had been and gone and left a HUGE mess out in the woods AGAIN.
SO here is what I know---Armadillos are creatures of habit. I have been up and walked around the woods several nights in a row from the 12-4 range. He sometimes skips a night. Tonight I will be up at 4:30---with my brightest light and my 38 revolver. He may not come tonight, but I am starting to figure out his Pig Trail. HE IS SO GOING TO GET IT!
Dillos should know who they are fooling with. Anyone crazy enough to get up at 4:45---in the miserable hot to the freezing cold---is a DETERMINED PERSON! I AM SO GONNA GET HIM!

Friday, July 30, 2010


My sweet friend sent me an email telling me what a wonderful example of Christ I was. I AM SO CONVICTED! As I replied to her, if you knew the thoughts I had this very morning, you would be SO disappointed! I am flesh and therefore I am sinful---though I strive to seek and serve Him---I falter EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY. And yet----I ALWAYS end up turning my face back to Him. He takes my trials and uses them as a "Refiners Fire" to slowly shape me, but this side of Heaven I will never be a Perfect Vessel. I am Blessed by my dear friends EVERY day of my life. They are His provision to keep me going and remind me of my focus. I endeavor to "Keep my poise" with my eyes upon Him.

Thursday, July 29, 2010



We have our friend, Mr. B come once a quarter and pick up all the sticks and mulch the 5 acres of woods around the house. He came Monday and I was delighted. Tuesday as I am driving to the NH for a visit, a series of thunderstorms with plenty of wind came through. If you live near any tress, you understand what I came home to find. NOT A HAPPY CAMPER! I start yesterday after my 5 mile run and 3 mile walk to pick up the limbs and revisit this job this AM beginning at 7. By mid-morning I have a truck full and I am off to the landfill!

You do remember that I have been declared "Queen of the Landfill"? In honor of keeping up appearances and maintaining my poise and regal statute, I even changed tee shirts. (Plus after LOTS of sweat I had a wet tee shirt---You do understand) They were SO HAPPY to see me. The nice men helped me to clear out the back of the truck & I promised a return visit in a couple of days. They were so delighted and I gave them a "Queenly wave" as I drove off. You know that wave----arm crooked at a 90 degree angle at the elbow, fingers held together, and a slow back and forth wave.--REGAL & POISED TO A FAULT!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


My dear sweet friend told me to "Keep my poise". I have spent the morning thinking that over and chuckling. Thank you God for laughter! Momma would be SO GLAD that there was someone in my life to give me this advice----after all she was a FIRM believer in keeping your poise!

I have this mental picture of a little old lady with a pillbox hat with the net only slightly pulled over the edge of her hair, shirt-waist dress down to mid-calf, umbrella in her hand, back as straight as an arrow, glasses on absolutely straight with low pumps on her feet-striking a no-nonsense pose with a non-telling look of cool on her face. YEP that's me for sure!

I guess the plans I have of taking out a full page ad announcing to the world ALL my grievances will have to be put on hold. AND OH YEAH---the loaded gun by the front door should probably be unloaded and put away. The fantasy of standing on the courthouse square while standing on a large box and announcing to all around my plans for those that have "fooled with me" will also have to wait. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST----the carefully laid plans of Getting Even will have to be thrown in the trash.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010




Monday, July 26, 2010



Think about those digging indiscriminately in your garden----I AM NOT HAPPY!

This weekend began the Vienna Dilla War. Friday night---even facing a 4:45 alarm clock----we heard the first little monster at 10:30. We both jump out of bed---picture the Keystone Cops & you've got an idea of what we looked like trying to get flashlights, shoes, guns and GET OUT THAT DOOR. When I first saw the dilla in the garden, I ALMOST felt sorry for him--he was probably a teenage dilla. THEN I saw him stick his snout down in the garden and use those claws to begin throwing straw & dirt. FATAL MISTAKE! ONE DOWN!

At 12:30, I hear another one----I go look out to make sure and then wake BC up AGAIN. The rifle had jammed and he would not let me use his pistol. I have one of my own that I plan to get out! He shot--but wasn't sure. We spend the next 30 minutes looking under bushes trying to make sure he isn't bleeding to death in my flower bed.

The next night I don't hear anything until 5 AM ( MY ONE MORNING TO SLEEP A LITTLE LATER). This one must have heard us hitting the door and cocking the guns. HE RUNS OFF.

Last night he came back---I might have heard him about 4 and he might have come after I left to run at 5:10--but the damage is MAJOR. The worst it has been.

I am on a MISSION now! I have a trap set with a chute leading right into it! I plan to sleep on the couch and look out every 30 minutes. AND AFTER VICTORY---I plan to have a nice new handbag-

Sunday, July 25, 2010


When Henry was born, Powers didn't know quite what to think. Power's masters were very cautious when Powers was around Henry. He pretty much ignored Henry during those "Lump Months"-you know when the baby is pretty much "A Lump", except for those few swift sniffs. When Henry became MOBILE--Powers watched him and was cautious. For most of the time, if Henry was curious and wanting Powers, Powers was steering clear---cautious. AHHH--then came the magical discovery as Henry's variety of food grew---that Henry was REALLY entertained by reaching down and feeding Powers----AND POWERS DISCOVERED a true love for his little snack machine. They have become great buddies-----what greater love has a dog than to let a little one less than half his size drag him around by his leash. Powers has discovered a great love for his little protege. Henry loves Powers and Powers love Henry. True love---when you put the wants and desires of your loved one before your own wants and desires. A dog and his master---or in this case A dog and his boy.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I told Caleb Seney, Med Camp Director, that I would volunteer at Med Camp for a week or do anything he wanted to help out. He asked me to make "Thank You Baskets" for the staff of this years camp. OH-I DO LOVE A PROJECT!

I came up with the idea of a picture of a Shepherd's Staff & the theme Super Staff. I asked my friend, Larry, to come up with a design using this theme and the below is his great concept that we placed on tee shirts. A staff in the midst of a star---JUST what I wanted to say.

I found these really cute wire baskets in summer colors & started putting it all together. I then asked Allison Peatross from "Picture This" if she would take pictures of the staff while at camp. David Boersma then made me labels for water bottles using Larry's logo and the words SUPER STAFF all around the label. I topped the baskets off with "Take 5" candy bars, "Kudos" granola bars, Starbursts, Hugs, Kisses, and Super Double Bubble Gum. A nice way to say THANK YOU for your ministry to these special needs kids and giving them a great camp experience.
Caleb and the 14 baskets to be delivered at the start of the last week of Med Camp.

A HUGE Thank You to Allison, David, & Larry for their help in pulling this all together!

Friday, July 23, 2010


Today is Momma's Birthday. It drags memories from deep within me. It is amazing how she can cause the full range of emotions to roll over me--even 9 years after leaving us. When I started thinking about her this morning, it occurred to me that I am probably the only one that remembers this is her birthday. Is that the eventual fate of us all?
What would Momma think if she were here today? It seemed impossible to live up to her expectations and she was very vocal of her disapproval of my choices at times. What would she think if she knew what my life had been like for the last 9 years? What would she say about especially the last couple of years?
Needless to say---I truly miss Momma----I will get busy----and my thoughts will remain just that--my thoughts. Rest assured Momma---I remember.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Days like today, I seriously doubt my own sanity! WHO in their right mind would get out of the comfortable bed at 4:45? WHO with any degree of sanity, would head out the door with the temperature 78 degrees and the humidity 110% (only SLIGHT exaggeration) in the pitch dark? WHO with ONE OUNCE of REASON, would start off UPHILL for a - 5 - mile run?


To further prove my point--------my sweet friend, Ron White, invited us all to come to North Carolina----in the cool mountains----for a 5K. SUCH a NICE GESTURE----REALLY THANK YOU RON! The sad fact is that our running group will not in most cases drive across Ruston (about 10 minutes MAX) to run in a 5K. NOW JUST MENTION THE WORD MARATHON------AND WE'LL TRAIN FOR 18 GRUELING WEEKS OF LONG RUNS------AND THEN HOP A PLANE TO POINTS ALL OVER THE USA-----TO RUN 26.2 MILES! What's wrong with that picture?

As I was running this AM---you know I missed my Wednesday run----and LORD help me if I don't make that up! In this SERIOUS HEAT & HUMIDITY---I began to question my sanity as the sweat poured off me and EVERY square inch was drenched. WHAT IN THE WORLD sends a person over the edge anyway! As the sweat dripped in my eyes and they burned from the salt and I fought for a breath in the sauna like atmosphere---I JUST HAVE TO QUESTION MY SANITY!

Rolling all this through my head, while getting gas on the way home, I see and old friend that I have not seen for a LONG time. He looks over and said, "I wondered who that good looking woman was." NOW THAT IS A HUGE BIG ONE---there I am drenched, still sweating, with my hair soaked and plastered to my head-----YEAH RIGHT- GOOD LOOKING & SANE!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


BC had a business meeting in Dallas and I went along to help drive. While in Big D, I visited "The Body Exhibit". REALLY QUITE INCREDIBLE!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Before I tell my story---do you ever feel like your life is one L O N G string of cliches?? Sometimes----that is just where I am!

I had the PERFECT plan. My sweet gardener friend gave me a mess of peas. I would take them to the NH and ask Conville's to HELP me shell my peas as a fun activity for them. We would shell peas and I would then put them up or cook them a mess if they wanted. We would talk about old times and Pappaw's garden and Nannie's "Putting Up"---it would me memory provoking.

I get to the NH and first take in the laundry and SURPRISE--two of their old friends are there for a visit. I sit down thinking a short visit and then we shell peas. One hour later---the friends leave. Obviously they were intrigued with my winning personality and delightful conversation!

NEEDLESS to say-NO pea shelling at the NH since Nannie was pretty much over the top by then. So I bring them home and shell them ALL BY MYSELF while BC is working late. All is not loss---I got two bags in the freezer and we will enjoy them later.

I also made some Pico de gallo from the fresh jalapenos and tomatoes and other fresh ingredients I had on hand. YUMMMMMMY! If I had a clue what the ingredient measurements were, I would post the recipe---but basically you put what fresh ingridents you like in it, add 1 T EVOO, and 1 T vinegar with some dried seasonings of choice.

Back to today's story---I am reminded of a quote that I often use and laugh about when these kind of things OFTEN happen--

"NO good turn goes unpunished!"

Monday, July 19, 2010


If you are going to the coast and expecting to see the above---YOU WOULD BE WRONG! We went to Biloxi, MS this weekend for a wedding and the oil spill clean up----TOTALLY BLEW ME AWAY! In front of the condo that we were staying in, we watched a crew for two days---TRULY UNBELIEVABLE. There was an entire bus of workers stationed where we could watch the activity. Basically if you have ever driven down the highway and seen one guy digging and 12 standing around watching---you are getting the picture. The men kept going back and getting on the air conditioned bus. They would pick up tar balls for 15 minutes in groups that looked like the gulls that flock together on the beach--and then it was rest time, or bus time, or eat time. It was INCREDIBLE. I have never seen greater inefficiency in my life! Brand new tractors, brand new mules, brand new trucks driving up and down the beach----LOTS of workers--raking the water and carrying around plastic bags---NOT MUCH TO DO THOUGH. I must admit--these were the cleanest beaches I have EVER seen--almost to the point of not looking like a beach, but a well groomed sand colored carpet.


I really have to question BP's management and their use of resources---but I will admit--there were people in the water and on the beaches and everything seemed fastidiously clean.


Friday, July 16, 2010






the literal end!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I am currently mentally working on my next children's book. I haven't written one since my older boys were little, but I have been inspired by Ruby The Red Dog. I can't finish it until I go take a few more pictures of Ruby in her daily routine, but this will be part of the book:

Ruby sees the bugs in her swimming pool.
Ruby dips down and splashes them out with her paw.
A quick snap of her mouth and the bugs are gone.
The bugs should stay out of Ruby's pool!

Ruby is always on guard.
Standing on this high perch,
Ruby has a better view of her pool.
Beware any bugs or frogs that dare to jump in!

On a hot summer day, Ruby decides it time for a swim.
The water is cool and
Ruby is hot from making her rounds.

Headed for the deep water,
Ruby's legs are always moving-
Like she is running in the water.

Ruby reaches the end of the pool
With a quick turn
She heads back the way she came.

Ruby glances over as she swims by
wondering why a strange
human is by her pool.

Nearing the steps, Ruby is almost finished
with her swim.

Up she goes-back up the steps
A big shake off and
Away Goes Ruby
Always making her rounds.

Ruby is a busy dog and the book will show all that she does in a day. Ruby the Red Dog.
Click on recipes above for a DELICIOUS peach dessert!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My book club read the above book for our July meeting. It was interesting to say the least---perhaps the author is slightly over the top (like hanging by her fingernails from the eaves), but she does have some good points. One of the reoccurring themes is eating healthy. Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, local meats, local wines, and OF COURSE all grown organically. She speaks of the horrible diets most of us have---and she is of course correct. We discussed the cause of this change from our childhoods and what could be done about it.
The author also talks about "The Conspiracy" going on between our government and the LARGE MEGA food companies. As I said last night, there are ALWAYS two sides to stories like this---if you don't believe it then watch Fox News & then turn to CNN---TWO SIDES. Somewhere in the middle there is truth.
The author has a great point on the benefits of a good diet---such as a LONG life. This drove me to ask the question to the group---"Do you really want to live a LONG life?" Of course, we all think YES----and my quality of life will be just as it is today. PROBABLY REALLY WRONG ASSUMPTION! Go visit a NH----spend some time talking with the residents---invest some time with the elderly---ask some questions. What is the quality of their lives? I don't mind being here as long as I am rocking and rolling---but once I have to start sitting and staring out the window--I'm ready to "Go Home".
All this "Thinking" has given me an entirely new philosophy about life and living it. I'm not stepping in front of any cars---but I am enjoying my life. I eat what I want, I quit taking handfuls of vitamins and supplements, and I do what I enjoy. Basically I am enjoying the moment and not stressing over prolonging the inevitable. As For Me----PASS THE CRISCO!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


You KNOW it's summer when you loop by the Sonic on an INTENSELY hot summer afternoon during "Happy Hour". Now "Happy Hour" might mean something totally different in some quarters----but in the DEEP South this is the time period you can get DELICIOUS COLD drinks at the Sonic for HALF Price. So today after a visit to the NH----I was truly inspired on my way home when I saw that Sonic sign. A SLIGHT detour and a LARGE lemonade later----I head home. Summer fun and for a meager $1.09!
After getting home, I had a Personal size watermelon chilling in the frig for my personal consumption. YUMMY! BC doesn't like watermelon---WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH HIM! I love it and these small melons are perfect. There's NOTHING in the WORLD better than a Saline Melon---well except for the one that friend, Sonja pulled from her own garden and shared with me. It ALMOST makes Summer bearable!
Quote of the day----They were having a little concert at the NH today, so we didn't do any activities. BLESS those that give of their time to help entertain the residents! This guy was great! When we went back to the room, I asked Nannie and Pappaw if they would help me shell peas when I get a mess from a "Farmer Friend". Papppaw quickly agreed. Nannie though---she's not too happy with having to go to physical therapy every day---she says---
"Well I don't know if we'll have time with all this riding the bike and therapy!"
I cracked up which made her laugh too. Love to hear that laugh!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Pappaw told me this weekend that the only fun he and Nannie had at the NH was Bingo. That set me to thinking-----BC tells me I think WAY TOO MUCH. I was disturbed t hat he was not happy and determined to "Fix It". The Psychology books tell you that this comes with being the "Middle Child". I am always trying to fix things. So if you need fixing-just let me know---I obviously consider it a challenge.

I have talked with the Recreation director at the NH and it seems that Pappaw will not go to the craft sessions -which he loves-without Nannie-who could care less. I have taken it as a personal challenge to get them going---without realizing what I am doing.

So today, I went to see them with coloring sheets of peaches. Nannie IMMEDIATELY wanted to know what I had and why I had it. I told her that the Grands would LOVE getting pictures colored by all 3 of us in the mail and they would send us pictures back. I said, we can do this whenever you want. She told me not today and I put everything on the shelf. About 15 minutes later, she said well maybe we can color today. We all colored our pictures. As I was leaving, she told me I enjoyed coloring with you today. SCORE! I have other ideas for the days to come. I LOVE my children's grandparents and would do anything to help them improve their quality of life. BEWARE THE BORN CAMP DIRECTOR IS AT WORK!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I am happy to report that all 4 of us-survived another year of Camp Conville. I have learned over the past few years that the key to success and avoiding boredom and trying to kill each other is ACTIVITY! To say the VERY least we were active!

BC called last night to make sure the boys had arrived home safely. Their Dad said, "The boys are exhausted." WAIT THE BOYS ARE EXHAUSTED------THEY ARE 10 & ALMOST 8----WHAT ABOUT THE GRANDPARENTS WHO ARE IN THEIR 60'S?????????

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Day 6---Starts off with a haircut for #2. Check out the pics---BADLY NEEDED haircut. It only cost me a small bribe which we then had to spend IMMEDIATELY before it burned a hole in his pocket. Then we were off to the final swimming lesson. They both passed levels one & two & with a little practice will pass level three. NOT BAD for their first swimming lessons!



All good things seem to come to an end---actually all things seem to come to an end-that's a post for another day! Sylvia (Other Grandmother) was here for a Ruston visit and to take the boys home. We decided to go out with a BANG-Poppa Bob, Mr. Rodney & Mr. James & the boys all went to the Shooting Range. Let's just say --the fireworks didn't stop with the 4th!

Mr. James Helping

Mr. Rodney Giving A Few Pointers

I'm Impressed-How About You?




Momma Lulu may go to bed for a couple of days!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


WHEW!!!!! What a day! Started with actually staying in the bed until almost 7---THANK YOU LORD! Breakfast at home and then we hit the road! We went to the Lincoln Parish War Museum. WOW! If you have not been, you should not miss it! It is well done and MANY artifacts beginning with the Indian/US Calvary Wars all the way up to Dessert Storm. MOST IMPRESSIVE! I think the boys loved it-especially the guns and weapons!

We then went to WOW for a lunch of wings--I've never seen Caleb eat more! We then went to the pool with several friends for the entire afternoon. We all 3 are glowing quite a bit tonight.

Home for a quick shower and then off to the "Country Club" at Sheila & Rob's. I was amazed when the boys just went in the chicken coop without a hesitation and even gathered eggs. They had a LONG 4 wheeler ride with Rob & Sheila while I had my first quiet moments in a week. We then walked down to the pond and the boys did some shooting.


Quote of the Day-

To give you some background, #2 needs a hair cut BADLY! I have finally succeeded in bribing him to get one tomorrow. When I struck the bargain, his comment was-

"Well can we at least wait until Silvey (other grandmother) gets here? I need someone who lives with me to go with me."