Thursday, July 22, 2010


Days like today, I seriously doubt my own sanity! WHO in their right mind would get out of the comfortable bed at 4:45? WHO with any degree of sanity, would head out the door with the temperature 78 degrees and the humidity 110% (only SLIGHT exaggeration) in the pitch dark? WHO with ONE OUNCE of REASON, would start off UPHILL for a - 5 - mile run?


To further prove my point--------my sweet friend, Ron White, invited us all to come to North Carolina----in the cool mountains----for a 5K. SUCH a NICE GESTURE----REALLY THANK YOU RON! The sad fact is that our running group will not in most cases drive across Ruston (about 10 minutes MAX) to run in a 5K. NOW JUST MENTION THE WORD MARATHON------AND WE'LL TRAIN FOR 18 GRUELING WEEKS OF LONG RUNS------AND THEN HOP A PLANE TO POINTS ALL OVER THE USA-----TO RUN 26.2 MILES! What's wrong with that picture?

As I was running this AM---you know I missed my Wednesday run----and LORD help me if I don't make that up! In this SERIOUS HEAT & HUMIDITY---I began to question my sanity as the sweat poured off me and EVERY square inch was drenched. WHAT IN THE WORLD sends a person over the edge anyway! As the sweat dripped in my eyes and they burned from the salt and I fought for a breath in the sauna like atmosphere---I JUST HAVE TO QUESTION MY SANITY!

Rolling all this through my head, while getting gas on the way home, I see and old friend that I have not seen for a LONG time. He looks over and said, "I wondered who that good looking woman was." NOW THAT IS A HUGE BIG ONE---there I am drenched, still sweating, with my hair soaked and plastered to my head-----YEAH RIGHT- GOOD LOOKING & SANE!


Emily said...

Hi Lora! Bobby posted a link to your post on Facebook. I try to blog semi-regularly about the boys ( I admire your running perseverance! I couldn't get myself motivated to get up early this morning to run on the treadmill, INSIDE!

Terri said...

"WHAT IN THE WORLD sends a person over the edge anyway!"

Sheer motivation and determination, which is often times referred to as "crazy" by those who merely do not understand.

If I had one ounce of what you have, I'd have finished the Couch-2-5K years ago, instead of restarting a hundred times. Keep up the good work!