Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My book club read the above book for our July meeting. It was interesting to say the least---perhaps the author is slightly over the top (like hanging by her fingernails from the eaves), but she does have some good points. One of the reoccurring themes is eating healthy. Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, local meats, local wines, and OF COURSE all grown organically. She speaks of the horrible diets most of us have---and she is of course correct. We discussed the cause of this change from our childhoods and what could be done about it.
The author also talks about "The Conspiracy" going on between our government and the LARGE MEGA food companies. As I said last night, there are ALWAYS two sides to stories like this---if you don't believe it then watch Fox News & then turn to CNN---TWO SIDES. Somewhere in the middle there is truth.
The author has a great point on the benefits of a good diet---such as a LONG life. This drove me to ask the question to the group---"Do you really want to live a LONG life?" Of course, we all think YES----and my quality of life will be just as it is today. PROBABLY REALLY WRONG ASSUMPTION! Go visit a NH----spend some time talking with the residents---invest some time with the elderly---ask some questions. What is the quality of their lives? I don't mind being here as long as I am rocking and rolling---but once I have to start sitting and staring out the window--I'm ready to "Go Home".
All this "Thinking" has given me an entirely new philosophy about life and living it. I'm not stepping in front of any cars---but I am enjoying my life. I eat what I want, I quit taking handfuls of vitamins and supplements, and I do what I enjoy. Basically I am enjoying the moment and not stressing over prolonging the inevitable. As For Me----PASS THE CRISCO!


Anonymous said...

Me too! I want to go out with a bang--not a whimper.

Chrome Cowgirl

Anonymous said...

I love "Chrome's"---(and of course I know what that is) comment!

And I totally second that emotion!

When I get to where I can't find any of the "me" that I am right now, I'm ready to go home too!

Luh Ya! Goosie