Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Before I tell my story---do you ever feel like your life is one L O N G string of cliches?? Sometimes----that is just where I am!

I had the PERFECT plan. My sweet gardener friend gave me a mess of peas. I would take them to the NH and ask Conville's to HELP me shell my peas as a fun activity for them. We would shell peas and I would then put them up or cook them a mess if they wanted. We would talk about old times and Pappaw's garden and Nannie's "Putting Up"---it would me memory provoking.

I get to the NH and first take in the laundry and SURPRISE--two of their old friends are there for a visit. I sit down thinking a short visit and then we shell peas. One hour later---the friends leave. Obviously they were intrigued with my winning personality and delightful conversation!

NEEDLESS to say-NO pea shelling at the NH since Nannie was pretty much over the top by then. So I bring them home and shell them ALL BY MYSELF while BC is working late. All is not loss---I got two bags in the freezer and we will enjoy them later.

I also made some Pico de gallo from the fresh jalapenos and tomatoes and other fresh ingredients I had on hand. YUMMMMMMY! If I had a clue what the ingredient measurements were, I would post the recipe---but basically you put what fresh ingridents you like in it, add 1 T EVOO, and 1 T vinegar with some dried seasonings of choice.

Back to today's story---I am reminded of a quote that I often use and laugh about when these kind of things OFTEN happen--

"NO good turn goes unpunished!"