Sunday, April 29, 2012


I am truly sorry if I came across as "perfect"---there is none---no not one----perfect---except for Jesus.  I don't really understand what buttons I am pushing to draw this fire---but if you knew me---you would know I never intended to push those buttons.

I am FAR from perfect-----so far that I can't even see the "P"---BUT because of God's grace and forgiveness---I am white as driven snow---I am blessed!  I have a LONG life full of mistakes--I am thankful that God knows my every fault---and after confession---forgives my sin.  Without His forgiveness--I would be doomed.

ALL I was trying to say---is that---I truly believe I did everything I could think of---including praying unceasingly to save my marriage.  I TRULY believe God intended "ME" to stay in my marriage and I tried to do just that.  I can ONLY speak for me----I wanted it to work---I worked at making it work---it just didn't work.

SO before you jump down my throat after mis-reading my post---and not knowing the voice I am using---please know---I am not embarrassed ---because I am positive I did all within my power---including pleading with God---it has NOTHING to do with "my perfection".  For without Jesus----there is NO perfection in any of us.  ONLY the Lamb is Worthy and Perfect----I AM "Fallen Man".


Anonymous said...

drivel....consider what you said... then give your opinion....All we ever hear is how much you worked... oh well, every man/woman to his own opinion of him/herself....glad you can live with yourself in that opinion of "doing everything I could do"...

Anonymous said...

You are not her judge. How dare you call someone's heartfelt words drivel. All I ever hear in your comments is how much you are jealous of someone that can lookback without regret in her heart for what she has lived through. You should be applauding the effort. Not booing the author. I feel sorry for you. you are so bitter in your life you must cause another strife. If cannot be supportive or read her blog without incessant piss and vinegar, read something else!

Brooke Langford

SND said...

Bitter and angry at the world is how I see Anonymous. May God give you peace.

Anonymous said...

actually i think anonymous is just one of those people that like to stir up people just for the sport of it. must have a very boring life.

Anonymous said...

itaineOK....I am just now reading this and I AM HOT!!!!!! I am so glad some of Lora's other friends have already spoken up for her....and most of them are a lot nicer I would be if I let my REAL TRUE feelings go. I have watched this precious lady walk this walk for a very long time. We have talked and talked and prayed. I still say a special prayer Lora every day. She has had more on her shoulders than most people will ever know. And she does not need your senseless comments. OBVIOUSLY you do not know this woman and you have no right to judge her. Why don't you get a life...since apparently all you can do is sit and read this blog and think about how negative you can be. AND ANOTHER can be really brave when you post ANONYMOUSLY......I do the same,but Lora always knows who I am. I sign my name GOOSIE and she and our mutual friends know who I am. I have waited a few moments before posting this to ask the Lord if I am being too harsh, and I am at peace after righting this. It's called righteous indignation. I would do anything in the world...and I mean that literally for this great woman of faith. And I cannot sit silently when someone who obviously does not know anything about her decides they can be her judge!