Monday, April 23, 2012


Hey Lord!!!  It's ME AGAIN!  I have my rear in another crack---I KNOW you are not surprised---but I AM asking for a little relief here!

I find myself once again to have slipped down the path of "What Could It Hurt" and the slippery slope of "Given Enough Time".  WHAT was I thinking when I entered the lottery for the NYC Marathon?  Well we both know Lord---THINKING is the definitive word---that which I WAS NOT doing!  

God, You above all others,  KNOW what I piece of shimmering---blubber--I currently am---AND You CERTAINLY know---I couldn't run 26.2 miles in a week--currently-much less in one fluid motion.

I have entered the season of regret and self loathing for this impetus and irrational decision and ONCE AGAIN---I am coming to You for rescue.

OH GOD----HIDE MY NAME AMONG THE LEGIONS!  Stick my entry on the bottom of the heap----score my entry--unreadable---JUST DO NOT LET THEM PULL MY NUMBER!

I will NOT- well I shouldn't lie to to You, Lord---I will TRY to restrain my Impulses when I think I am still 40---WELL EVEN 50---Lord.  I will endeavor to remember just how old I am and what sorry shape I am in and just how many years You have promised me---and TRY to keep from getting in this crack again.  For now, Lord, though,   PLEASE DON'T LET THEM PULL MY NUMBER WEDNESDAY!

I love You, Lord and THANK YOU AHEAD OF TIME FOR YOUR CONSTANT PROTECTION FROM MY SELF and the paths of destruction I seem to chose!

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