Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Our long time running buddy and her sweet family lost their 21 year old daughter yesterday to a heart attack. THIS STINKS! Such a wonderful precious family----and Steph---well there's no one else in the world quite like Steph. She loves her girls---is a wonderful Mother---wrapped up in those sweet things. WHY DID THIS HAPPEN?

I spent the evening struggling with why God didn't take me or someone like me---lived life---done it---done LOTs. WHY would he take one that had just begun her adult journey? Why would it happen to this sweet family? They love the Lord--faithfully serve Him. It's NOT fair!--There is NO explanation.

I am adding this to my list of questions I plan to ask God--and it goes WAY up at the top. Don't tell me to read Job---done that more times than I can say. That didn't seem fair either. I KNOW He created the world---His way is the best way----Just need some clairification.

SO PLEASE pray for my sweet friend Steph and her family. At this point--I think pray for strength to get through the next few days and courage to face tomorrow. There will be no peace for a while and they will not be comforted - though we all want to try. So I am praying they can just meet the task at hand---which is HUGE. I will pray for them one step at a time---and this is the first step. Please pray with me.


Hannah Lee said...

It isn't right. It is so hard to understand. I try and I came up with somewhat of a reason in my post today, but still, it doesn't take away the pain and sadness. I am praying and lifting them up in everyway I can.

Anonymous said...

Prayer for strength and comfort is the right answer, but I was thinking through it and the senseless nature of it, I came to this conclusion. "some beautiful flowers God lets growth and make beautiful the world until their life is lived up down here, Then occasionally God reaches down from his ultimate vantage point, and selects a beautiful, flawless, innocent rose to adorn His kingdom"... How then can we say to the King "thou canst have that which He already has" and do we not know that in His complete and marvelous mercy, He spared her pain and suffering of enormous quantity, and at the same time, gave her "the riches of His kingdom.. We should think of this dear, precious soul as one "that God chose" for a time and purpose, yet undisclosed, but one that will be rare as fine gold" snd will always be known as "the one God chose",,,,, I join you in prayer for the entire family. Made God be glorified....