Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I have one more question to answer from the comment that I have been posting about--but I need to take a short informative break---

In an effort to get myself back into decent shape--I have stepped up the exercise schedule--trying to do something 5 of 7 days. NOW---I have not dared join "The Big Girls" at Sharon's Boot Camp---BUT I have my running mileage back up to 5--be it ever so slow---and I am walking some and have now added biking to the mix.

I bought a friend's used bike and it has been sitting in my garage for some time---Sunday they finally wrangled me into riding with the group. INTIMIDATING!!! Babs was very gracious and held back to ride with me---the rest of the group were out of sight before I got going good.

I rode 12 miles the first time out---it wasn't bad going out---but I got quite the workout riding back into the wind and up the hills we had gone down riding out. When I finally dismounted----I was in GREAT PAIN----I needed to soak in a tub of ice water! Let's just say---it's sort of like riding a horse--0r--just insert whatever you have not used in a LONG time---PAINFUL!!!!!

After a couple of days---the soreness was wearing off---so I jumped back on that "Big Boy" again and rode over 17 today with Sandra--who was kind enough to hold back and ride with me---AFTER a 5 mile walk and her swimming class. WHERE ARE THOSE ICE CUBES!!!!

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Shawn H. said...

I'll be watching out for you. Biker's seem to appear right over the crest of every hill on my way home from work. I'm scared I'm going to hit somebody. We definitely need more biking trails.