Monday, March 5, 2012


MANY of my friends---"Bless Their Hearts"---are a tad bit over the Ledge called OCD! Really---they all make me look quite sane! I just THOUGHT I was on that ledge---next to them--I have not even made it to the parking lot for the overlook!

Been walking with my friends---since my running seems to have ceased---5 miles---and they do NOT fool around. MANY of you know Sandra----LOVE HER---BUT when I texted her one day last week and asked had she walked yet---she responded "Yes", but I'll go again. Now let's see--she has walked 5 miles already--she is going to walk 5 more with me and then she has a spin class for an hour. AND---she's not running because she's injured. HUMMM!

She went to the doc---he put her on a dose pack and said no running---NOW---she says "He said I could walk!" Something in the dark recesses of my mind tells me--he had NO IDEA that she meant 5-10 miles a day! SHE MAKES ME LOOK LIKE "GRANNY MOSES"!

Then there is Steph-----counts her steps----MUST run every 100th of the mile---CANNOT stop until the GPS has clocked beyond the mile marker. MUST run the same routes OVER AND OVER---does not mind running the same 1/4 of a mile loop OVER AND OVER AND OVER. To prove that point---we were once training for another marathon. We had a little neighborhood loop that was a mile---she did that SAME loop about 7-8 times in our long run one week. JUST SHOOT ME! I may look at the same thing twice---but that is my limit.

Then there is Babs---MISS working out with her--my long time running buddy--whose knees have betrayed her. BUT she cycles, walks and swims religiously. Babs always wants to know- "Did you?" and "What was your time"---NOT that any of us would be competitive!

REALLY I get a reality check of just how sane I am---by just hanging with the OCD Crowd!

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Anonymous said...

You nailed each one of them perfectly square on the head! And that's exactly what I love about each one!

Susan B.