Friday, March 16, 2012

Being a Mom--

God punished man for letting Eve talk him into a bad idea--by not allowing him to be a Mom. It's without a doubt the greatest blessing a compassionate-loving-forgiving God would give the one that allowed Satan to tempt her. The first evidence of His grace beyond measure.

My niece, Brooke and I talked about the first moment you feel that baby move in your womb--the first cry you hear them whimper--the first time you hold them in your arms. There is no other love so overwhelming---so born without cause---that sweeps over you like the greatest tsunami--and leaves you gasping for air the rest of your days.

We mothers---love our babies---they will always be our babies---flesh of our flesh---born in a magical cloud of love---a love that we is deeper than the deepest ocean and wider than the horizon of the sky.

Our primary function in our lives is to pray for them--nurture them--grow them---mature them--teach them---and then to release them. We expect to pass them into the arms of another --who will love them in the sacred bond of marriage. We expect to watch them continue the cycle of children and grandchildren. We expect our years following our empty nest to be filled with watching them live their lives---love their babies--and eventually taking care of us as we took care of them.

Today I watched my sweet friend have to leave behind her precious daughter--the circle was broken---here on this Earth. My prayer and my question now is how do I help---will God allow me to be His instrument---this is not natural---the circle is broken--but God is in control and He loves us Far beyond our wildest dream. I don't understand---but I have faith in a God that loves us far beyond even the love of a mother.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great read ... and is it oh so true!

Ann Patterson

The Tylers said...

Well said. Heartbroken for them.

Just say Julie said...

It's a club no one wants membership in. And it's one that comes with daily reminders of your loss. Wether you had them 22 years or 5 days, a part of you dies with them. A new normal is created.