Thursday, March 15, 2012


I have an honor given to me that I would GLADLY give back---if it just would change things. Sweet Steph---has named our running group--all women and our "Token Man-Larry" as Honorary Pallbearers for precious Anna Claire. I would like to just scream----"NO---there's no need---this didn't really happen--it's just a bad dream." But here we are---and it is what it is---and I am honored beyond any honor I've EVER had---but I would glady give it up---if we could just go back to Sunday and live this all differently.

We have all lived life together in a very unique way---we have sweated--groaned--frozen--complained---solved ALL of life's problems--been there for each other-every step of the way over more miles than I could possibly even tell you. I once said when we were all out for a long run---one of us will get breast cancer-----it's just the statistics--they don't lie---and it happened. One of us will end up with a broken marriage---and sure enough. One of the things though that I NEVER even thought about--has now happened---should have known---but it's the unspeakable horror that you never let pass your lips.

Well--we will have to figure out how to get through this----God is the wind behind our back when we run--and He will be the One that holds us up as we walk through this desert. Heaven is looking BETTER and BETTER! God just get them through tomorrow--and show us how to pray for the next day---that's my constant prayer.


Anonymous said...

Your friend from Erie here just cathing up on the blog. SO very sorry to hear about your friend's loss. I am offering my thoughts and prayers. Thinking of you all. Very, Very sorry.

twinx mom said...

Heaven does look better and better after the loss of a child!! I never want another to suffer the loss of a child; it is the absolute WORST thing in the world. My heart breaks for them.

Hannah Lee said...

I LOVED THIS POST! You are so right, Ms. Loralu! I will be praying y'all through this difficult time, but I know Ms. Stephanie wouldn't have it any other way. Yall are such a huge support to each other and what an awesome blessing that is!

Shawn H. said...

Although my heart breaks for the loss of Anna Claire, it made me feel better when I found out that you would be there in this important support role for Stephanie. I know that none of us can know this unique pain but I am glad she has friends who have walked through their own fires and know the value of a strong shoulder to cry on.