Monday, February 20, 2012


It was very difficult to walk into church alone---greet or pass out bulletins alone---SO I changed jobs this year. Our sweet Children's Minister called and asked would I be in the Baby Nursery this year---you know---HOLD THEM AND CUDDLE THEM AND ROCK THEM Nursery. I thought this may be JUST what I need to do. SO--I agreed. Starting the first Sunday In September--I went to the Baby Nursery. WELL it seems they had an overflow in the Toddler Nursery. OVER-WHELMED were the LONG time teachers. So when the ladies in the BABY NURSERY were asked would someone go help out---OF COURSE---I said Yes.

Here I am 7 months later STILL in the toddler room. NOW I must say--I love those sweet toddlers. We pat the Bible--and tell the same 4 Bible stories over and over so they can "Get It"--but somehow I have become the "Toddler Whisperer". I have one little sweet toddler that cried the first day he walked in---I distracted him, held him, and he settled down. The only problem is that he has latched on to me like a baby possum in his Momma's pouch. He's fine as long as he has one hand on me--or in my lap--or on my hip.

This works fine until we have another----I am not too happy come in the door and I become the "Toddler Whisperer" again for them. I guess I'm the only one in the group of teachers that looks like a Grandma--I always end up with the crying toddler. Works out OK---until I have one on each hip. It can get a little crowded.

One thing about it---it has been a good reminder of just WHAT is wrong with my aching hips---carrying my big babies around all those years. THEY WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!!!

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Hannah Lee said...

I know you are PERFECT for that position! Such a good Lulu--