Sunday, February 26, 2012


I have a woman in my life that has always been---One that I look up to---wish I were like---was the bright and shining start that I SO wanted to be.

My Aunt-Molly-has always been that "Star in the West" as it be--that I thought was beautiful--strong---sweet--PERFECT in every way!

My Mother's Mother died when she was two and Granddaddy remarried a few years later. Momma's brother, Bruce came along when Momma was 10 and Molly came along when Momma was 20--married and gone. One of my "First" memories of Molly was as a little girl---she was dating her soon to be husband-Bob and he had either brought her home (my memory) or was picking her up for a date. I remember him standing at the door and her standing in the door---a BEAUTIFUL shilloutte!

She married young and started her journey as the wife of a student at UT?--I think! Bob got an engineering degree--they had 4 children---and somewhere along the way moved to Alaska.
My memories of Grandmother talking about Molly include her roofing her house with the help of their oldest son, Bill--after the "Big Alaska Earthquake". She lived in Alaska, raised her children in Alaska---FAR away from home and family a LONG time before it was "Cool" to live in Alaska. She lived a life filled with adventure! Bob did really well--they finally retired and moved back to TX.

Why am I talking about her today? I called her on the way home from Austin--wanted to stop by for a visit. Just hearing her voice was a breath of fresh air---LOVE HER!

She moved to Alaska---WITHOUT the benefit of an army of servants---IN MY MIND---she makes the "Pioneer Woman" of wealth and fame on today "Blog o sphere" look like a Pansy. Look in the dictionary---under Pioneer Woman---you should find Molly's STILL Beautiful Picture!


Anonymous said...

Good post!!Very thoughtful and very inspiring....:-)

clairebear said...

You might like to read Half Broke Horses by Jeanette Walls (maybe Wells?)