Monday, February 13, 2012


I've been rolling around in my old head lately--getting a dog. NOW I HAVE NOT MADE ANY DECISION. I told Sweet Gabe that I was thinking about it--and he IMMEDIATELY got on the jungle drums to his sibs--and the next time I talk to them---OH YOU'RE GETTING A DOG! WELL MAYBE - JUST MAYBE

I am lonesome---dogs are great companions! BUT they can be destructive---it would be here ALL day long by itself---I have NO yard---NO fence in what I do have---DO NOT think my neighbors would appreciate the barking since they are RIGHT on top of me.

ALSO---I spent WAY more on the Vet than I EVER did at the pediatrician! They are EXPENSIVE!

I want to pick up whenever I can and go see the grands--that means boarding---OR dragging them along.

BUT they are good company---and an alarm system---NOT that I EVER worry---I have my trusty G U N----loaded and ready----One of the things that DOES NOT KEEP ME UP---is fear---well of anyone harming me anyway!

So I start looking at breeds that might be desirable--considering ALL the above!

My friend Sonja--is somewhat of a DOG snob---she gets something like


I am more of a Lab person (WAY TOO BIG)

Then there are friends Debbie & Jim--who have a Bishon (SP?)---Sophie is more feminine than I am--I would be SLIGHTLY intimidated.

I like beagles---

THEY ARE HUNTING DOGS--would be miserable here.

Then there is Debbie & Bill---some other kind of fru-fru dog---that she can't leave alone for long at a time!


I looked on the local 4Paws site---dogs are all too big---

SO--I'm back to no dog---don't suggest a cat--HIGHLY allergic---cannot pet them--even though I do like them

THEN there is son Scott-who has a GREAT PYRENNES



Mutt and Jeff--living together in not always harmony!


Christina said...

I used to be deathly scared, horrifiedly terrified of dogs. Last year, I got a black Lab mix (momma's a yellow Lab and daddy's a German Wirehaired Pointer) and oh my sweet twinkle stars. I love my Paddy Wag to pieces. I enjoy talking to her than to most human. And I like to talk to myself a lot, and she has been a great listener and companion. I take her on some shorter runs and when I beat myself up for not running hard, she reminds me that running is fun and that sometimes you gotto take time to smell the roses. Love my dog. I look at her and think, "You are one of the better things in my life."

Anonymous said...

maybe go to the pound and look around for a few weeks too bc a nice rescue dog can be great too!! they can come potty trained and can be wonderful companions!!! just try bc you may find a nice friend there....I highly suggest a dog, I think it's a great idea.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are considering getting a dog. They are great for your heart. They love you no matter what! I think you should get one that can go with you. Then yall won't miss each other when you travel.

(a Ruby puppy is definitely not for you--she could shred the French Quarters in a week)

Chrome Cowgirl

the vance's said...

You need a maltipoo like my Bentley:) Oh..they are so sweet and hypoallergenic and pretty small! They can be expensive but what is money when that cute face is waiting at the door when you get home!