Saturday, February 4, 2012


It's raining and raining here in LA--perfect excuse to not get up and run. SO I am chilling--cooking chili for a friend who had surgery AND watching cooking shows. WHAT DO YOU KNOW---that little hussy-Pioneer Woman has her own cooking show!

I used to read her blog---got sick and tired of feeling like a groupie--and after all what has she got that I don't?

Well let me give you the list of WHY I do not read her blog anymore:

1. She married a handsome cowboy-and has a love story that would rival ANY

2. Cowboy owns 1/2 of Texas--he calls it a ranch---he grows Oil Wells and a few cows and
horses on the side

3. I got sick and tired of seeing ALL her happy children-who NEVER fight--are always well mannered-serve as cow hands--do not conform to the world--but live in a little bubble where all is fair and bright.

4. She HOME SCHOOLS her children---NEVER yells at them--because they do everything that is expected--and are ALL brilliant.

5. She has a country full of women who are reading her posts-buying her cookbook--buying her love story--buying her photographs and sponsors who just cannot wait to give her another boat load of money for her next thought

6. Her dogs are all cute---well behaved--NEVER chew up the shoes-dig holes or smell like dogs.

7. She gives the perfect party/teaches her entire family/photographs every cow,dog,child, cowboy that comes in her sight/cooks perfect dishes everytime/ and rides with the herd---ALL at the same time and with NO effort.

HUMMMM---perhaps my eyes are a little more green with envy! I just do not want to hear about anyone's perfect life! Could she post ONE TIME about a bad hair-smart alec kid-grumbling husband-dish that failed????

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Your friend from Erie here. Where we grew up things aren't so perfect but we still have it good. That's why I got tired of reading her blog as just doesn't always seem sincere to me. Which is the reason why I love reading your blog!!!!!!