Saturday, February 25, 2012


Here's what I think we should all do--take a deep breath---think about God's love for us--and love others as He loves us.

Yes--I was a little put off that someone did not understand what I am trying to walk through---BUT everyone has their right to opinion and I respect that right. I am not offended---because unless you really know me you would not understand. I am touched by MANY who have jumped to my defense and looking at the list--most know exactly where I am. Not everyone who reads this blog--agrees or understands--and that's OK.

There are people out there who do not love me---there are people out there who do not like me--there are people that don't like the way I look--what I say--or what I stand for. I am not offended--they have that right AND when I put myself out on a public blog--I open myself up to criticism. That's OK! Camille withdrew her blog from public view--because of negative comments. I understand--she has two babies to protect. My plan is to take what is said--positive or negative---chew on it---use it or lose it--but always consider it a difference in opinions.

I did not intend to start a fire storm---sorry for that---I do say---read me or not---this is mostly about trying to just keep moving forward. Writing is healing--more than talking--I am journaling---only you are getting to read my journal in a open forum.

SO---I have been extended FAR more grace from God than I could ever begin to extend--so even though I am hurting---I don't hate ANYONE----nor am I mad--really not even disgruntled---I have made the choice to extend grace to even those that have hurt me the most and any commenter on my blog is WAY down the ladder in what is causing me pain.

My sweet friend Barbara, who is the best "Truth Teller" in my life texted me today with this message-

"Your honesty threatens our self-deceit and dependence on the fantasy of painfree living."

There is NOTHING more I love than "La-La Land"--my favorite books and movies are all about it. The sad truth is that this world is not "La-La Land"---because of the fall of man-it is full of pain for most of us at some point in our lives. THANK GOD FOR HIS GRACE & REDEMPTION--His love is what keeps me marching forward.

Just as a little side note---Mike doesn't need a chill pill--I tried them---they don't chill you they just dull you! He's a GREAT friend for a LONG time--he's just being protective. Thanks, Mike!


Anonymous said...

Well, I did just what you said, "i took a deep breath--and Thought about God and loving others, etc, etc, etc."....Then I reread all of the comments over the past few days in an attempt to get a feel for what you and your followers are attempting to do. First, if any of those "so called friends" found fault with what I said, please invite them to reread it or in case they need it, read it to them. Surely they are bigger than than they appear. You should also reread it for the obvious care contained therein. I think I will just read without comment, since commenting is so dangerous and destructive. Right, doesn' make us "feel" all that great. I really do wish you well, and I really am sorry for your pain, however I have been through divorce and death and loss of employment and a spiritual crisis, so I felt imminently qualified to respond. So much of my comments were first hand, not "armchair quarterbacking". So as one who identifies with you, prayers for you to get better and soon. Peace and Joy...

PS Amazing how the comments fall off when nobody stokes the fire with "real"...

Anonymous said...

PS "Many times a woman can find her destiny on the very road she sought to escape it on"