Saturday, February 25, 2012


Comment Posted Last Night---

"After reading you heart felt thoughts for what seems like weeks now, I have come to the opinion that you need to move on. I remind you it is just an opinion. However after you have grieved, vented, cried and vented more and shook your fist in God's face, it does seem that you would move on. All who read you have sympathy and many of us have empathy but for yourself, your friends and your family, drop this line of blogging and move to the things you once blogged about. Even in your pain, surely there are still some good and precious things in your life.. Quick sand: the more you fight it the more it sucks you down.... relax,
have faith, we all love you."

Someone is not happy with the tone of my blogs--I am sorry and I am thankful for your reading-and good wishes. Here is the bottom line---no one pays me to post my blog---it is merely what is going on in my life. I am venting---I am trying to journal my way through this path- it is what I am thinking about and what is going on in my life. I am sorry you are tired of reading about it---but please just don't read it if you are tired of it.

After 38 years of marriage--it is NOT that easy to be happy go lucky--all is fun--this life is great at the moment. As the one counselor told me the one time I went to see her, after addressing why am I not over this yet???---Why did you expect to get over this in a few short months when it is most of your life that you are leaving behind? I've told my daughter--"I am sick of thinking about it and sick of talking about it, but it never leaves my mind if I am not busy at work."

There will come a time---for sure--that the old Lora will start showing up again--in fact I believe she showed up this week as I laughed about all the suggestions I have had. For now--the old Lora is still here--lurking under the surface--but you have to be with me 24/7 to catch those glimpses and she does not come out in my writing very often. SO it's your decision--you are in control of your computer---read or not--have patience with me-or turn away--YOU are in control of what you read--just as you told me I was in control of my life and just move on.


twinx mom said...

Go girl!! Unless you have been in my shoes after losing Craig, SHUT UP!! My feeling is the same for you. Unless you have been in my shoes after losing MY marriage, SHUT UP!!

Sorry, sometimes I have to vent a little too!!

I love you!! I know it's hard!!
I have been told, journaling is a way to heal!!

AND in case you don't know, Twinx mom is Jon Anne Winstead

Anonymous said...

Well I did say it was "just an opinion". I just don't like quicksand all that much. You apparently can tolerate it better than I. So I will keep reading your post. Most are very enjoyable. I will keep wishing you well. I will keep lifting you up. and I will avoid the post that seem to be "just more of the same". I wish you joy and I wish you peace!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well said! Keep being you! Keep writing what's on your heart- good or bad. It's part of the healing process. Prayers for you that it gets easier.

Anonymous said...

Lora Lu, I'm so mad I could spit and shakeing so bad I can hardly type. You were way to nice to this jerk. She and I define love differently (as does I Cor.13). If she loves you this way, you do not need her as an enemy. If she has not read you explaining all the ways you feel blessed and cared for by God and others, then she's not reading well. My apology to everyone else for being so blunt. But I'm sick of people beating up my friend when she's already hurting. Prayers & prayers. Mike

Anonymous said...

You/we have obviously struck a nerve. I am apalled that anyone could construe anything said that I have attacked you in any way, quite the contrary. I support you, I just don't agree with you. It seems if anyone disagrees with your groupes, they are outcast, when I thought "honest dialogue" was what we all sought... Looks like this bunch of panty waist creatures are only the choir of "agreement" with "no dissentors" allowed. If you agree you are with us, if you disagree you are a low life SOB..... Well, I guess I have the rules now. You want no honest feedback, just "milk toast"... I understand better now. I really have heard you rail on without any comment or context about the other half, pro or con.... I am just wondering about such adamant statements, if there is more here we need to look at.... Just curious... Can anyone afford to be curious, or must we follow the "party line"... Sad. Sad... I would like to discuss this over dinner one night. You game?

Anonymous said...

BTW Mike with his "spit and shaking" needs to take a "chill pill" and get a handle on his life. If this makes him nervous, he will not need to be out in the "big boy" traffic.... Just an opinion.

Anonymous said...

Most exciting dialogue I have witnessed on a blog. Maybe L is on to something.. Maybe a syndicated radio show or TV show or column...Wait she already has a column.. You go girl and don't let up.... You got this thing going on and I hope it is what you want. Once the "cat is out of the bag"...Hold on and enjoy the ride... Peace.

Gabe said...

The anonymity of the interwebs affords the unqualified therapists of the world the luxury to preach the "tough love" they would never offer in the real world.
Either way I'm glad to say this is the first time I've heard the word "panty waist" in a conversation since middle school.
Also, please stop asking my mom to dinner. Thanks.