Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WHAT IF------

In Small Group---we are studying the book "Hearing God"' tonight we talked about what if you heard God speak in an aloud---audible voice---what would He say---What would His voice sound like? I have often thought I heard from God---but I must admit---I have not heard His audible voice---

Would it be booming-

Would it be the soft whisper of the evening breeze--

Would it sound like a man--

Would it have an authoritative resonance--

Would it be the gentle whisper of a lover in your ear--

What would God's voice sound like?


Anonymous said...

I believe I have, but only 2 words, audible to me,at least, no one else around, awake that is.
"BE PATIENT". Not a whisper, not a command, not gentle; necessarily, not an order, but kind of a suggestion, something he wants of you, advice kind of, and something you know you must do because you know it is Him.

Anonymous said...

I don't think about hearing from God in an audible voice, I don't even expect it. What I do believe is that God is always speaking to me in my spirit but I am rarely listening because I'm already deciding what I am going to do or think about. The last few years I have begun to practice listening to Him at times. This is how I do it. 1. I ask Him to speak to me about a certain topic. 2. I take time to listen quietly immediately. 3. I try to make an effort to do whatever I feel He has told me to do. I have found this exercise to be suprising. The things I "hear" from God were either things that I had not thought of before, or they were the very thing I had been hearing in the background for a while. In retrospect they usually sound like something God would say, in other words they don't go against scripture or His character.

Back to the topic. It doesn't matter to me how God speaks to me, I just want Him to speak. If He were to speack to me in an audible voice, I probably would later think that it was probably my imagination!

Anonymous said...

A few times God spoke into my spirit so distinctly it was as if it were aloud, but wasn't. Day to day hearing from God is a learned ability. We must make an effort. If, we're paying attention at least trying to. Then we're not looking back. We're living in the now. And if He does speak aloud. It won't have to be booming. In I Kings 19:12 God spoke to Elijah in "a still small voice". Listening for Him is such an adventure. Prayers, Mike