Saturday, December 24, 2011


Dear Anyone in The WWW--who might or might not know me--

It comes the time of the year for my annual update following all of your Christmas letters telling me how well you all are doing-including your successes, riches, children succeeding, trips to points of incredible interest, trophies won, awards gained and diplomas eared. REALLY your life sounds quite blissful--almost Eden like!

This year has found me going back to work. It seems that I began work with paper and pen 40 years ago and now found myself "on the cloud". I cannot seem to find the cloud--much less figure out how in the world you get there! WHO owns the cloud---which part of the sky does it reside in!--does anyone else have access to my personal cloud?---is it all vapor? can you touch it? WHO IN THE WORLD CAME UP WITH THIS IDEA?

My travels have consisted of 2 trips to Erie,PA where I toured the back of a moving truck --and then flew to Fort Worth with a 6 month old and a 24 month old, and my 336 month old. It was REALLY fun and those sitting around us were delighted by the shrieks and cries as we flew the friendly skies, especially by the 336 month old.

I have been in training for a new career in packing, shipping and receiving. After moving 3 households in a period of nine months. I have become quite proficient in it. The secret is to throw most of the junk away. If you have not seen it or used it in a year you do not need it. What EVER possessed me to buy all of this crap anyway!

My short career in retailing---a garage sale---proved to be WAY to much bang for too little of a buck---after weeks of getting ready--and then standing out in the August record heat to have someone bargin with me over hundreds of dollars of stuff that I marked at $5 and they want to know what I will take for it---REALLY??? I suggest call your local charity and see if they will come pick the junk up---it might even be worth a donation to just get it off your hands. Remember one man's junk is another's treasure---somewhere out there is SOMEONE loving my crocheted toliet paper holder.

After a spring and summer chasing armadillos and shooting holes in the side of the house---I moved into a town neighborhood. I just knew my trials were over---then the smart city deer appeared---they have taken things to a new high by spitting out the plants they don't like. I have replanted my pansies a dozen times so far. Someone told me you cannot shoot a gun in the city limits----I am shopping for a compound bow in the near future.

After all these FUN times this year---I am sitting here with my mature daughter and son-in-law in their red union suits with the forever lazy quick exit snaps and # 2 son, Gabe who is sweating after a fun evening of being Santa's helper. The other 2 grands and #1 & favorite DIL left yesterday after all being together here in Fort Worth-including Lulu's cooking, a trip to the
Children's Museum- and a walk to the park just down the street to play and feed the ducks. The little cousins LOVE the big cousins---what a delight!

We went to church together tonight ---babies in tow---Carols, Scripture, & Candle-light---communion--a reminder of how God has truly blessed me. Home now in front of the fire---with the tree glowing and the presents under the tree----all waiting for Santa to stop by for his snack and milk sitting by the fire.

Merry Christmas to All &
To All A Goodnight-


Anonymous said...

love love love you!! i so agree about the carport amount of $$ justifies all the work!! salvation army here i come!! enjoy your visit...hope to see you soon! merry christmas!!


Shawn H. said...

Merry Christmas Lora. Call me for that cup of coffee.

Beth Anders said...

Lora---I loved your letter. The heart of a Mom just continues to grow and change through all the experiences shared with family and friends. I also love that you are not a bystander but a participant. Sharing your observations will help all of us be better observers----thanks for you and have a very happy new year doggone it ! Beth Andersq