Saturday, June 11, 2011


I've been to the landfill 4 times in 2 days. I've developed a special relationship with the weigher man. You have to stop on his scale on the way in and on the way out-SO that means we have crossed paths 8 times in two days. That's more than I see almost anyone in a two day stretch these days!

I cleaned out ALL 30 + of the HUGE azaleas in the bed shown above over the past 2 days. This required those 4 trips to the landfill to get rid of the evidence. Each time I stopped for the weigher man, he gave me this cute little wave. He stuck his pointer finger up in the air and kind of shook it toward heaven. I THINK HE MIGHT LIKE ME! NOW don't tell me that he waves like that to every one that comes through with a load of debris! I am pretty sure I am one of a VERY few women who bring multiple loads of stuff to unload. He is used to dirty-sweaty-stinky old men passing by AND THEN a BELLE OF THE SOUTH crosses the threshold of his domain. He MUCH prefers a dirty-sweaty-stinky Southern Belle anytime---thus the sweet little finger wave!

After FINALLY finishing clipping all the azaleas down, I came in and collapsed into a heap on the floor to await my passing from heat stroke. I'll bet my obituary is the only one you will ever see that reads:

Following a heat stroke after multiple trips to the landfill, Lora left this Earth for her just rewards in the Heavenly Garden.


Judith said...

I hate to pop your balloon, Southern Belle, but I happen to know that wave very well, having made numerous trips to the landfill myself. You must be insane to pull out those azaleas in this heat! I honestly don't know how you did it by yourself. I had someone pull all my azaleas out with a truck and chain. I hope your AC is working well after performing this feat!

The Tylers said...

Now who wouldn't just love you!! Cannot wait to see all of your hard work when it's done. Know it'll be beautiful.