Sunday, June 19, 2011


I am thinking about my Daddy today and missing him. He died 48 years ago in February, just after my 14th birthday. He was only 45 years old. I am saddened thinking about all that he has missed since he left us. I think I will turn my thoughts to how much I loved him and how sweet he was. A World War II European Theater veteran, he did a lot of living until he became sick. He and Momma lost their first born at birth-Robert Ray James, Jr. during war time. He was loved by many and had a personality very similar to Camille's. Everyone loves them and wants to be around them. There was never enough to go around and I didn't like sharing him. He was the driving force behind many of the childhood projects my brothers and I participated in. You didn't tell him no if he wanted you to do something-you just did it. His last years were filled with hardship and then a terrible illness. Momma never recovered from those years and would never talk about it. She let the bad times overshadow the many wonderful years. That is my lesson for today---I will chose to remember the good years and not focus on the bad. Loved my Daddy & miss him tremendously. I could really use one of his hugs-especially today.


Gabe said...

That was great, Mom. Sorry I never got to meet him.

Deb said...

Very sweet.

Peggy said...

I share your feelings -- even though I had my daddy a lot longer in my life, I still miss him today and could really use one of his hugs. I remember when your dad died and how sad I was for you. I know Mr. James would be so proud of his children to know what wonderful lives each has lived and the many contributions and talents you each have shared.

The Tylers said...

What a sweet tribute. Hugs hugs hugs to you on this special day!

Anonymous said...

how blessed we are that we have gotten to know him thru you, daddy, and noel. i see all of you in that picture of him!! hugs going out you!

also...pie was loved by all, even steve!! thank you for sharing!