Tuesday, August 25, 2009


In a recent interview Patti Davis discussed her relationship with her Mother, Nancy Reagan. They went through LONG years of NO communication. It seems that as Patti matured, she discovered political differences with her parents. Living in Liberal California and being the age where she was more influenced by her peers than her parents, she not only disagreed with their philosophies,but did so in a very public way.
Nancy reminds me a lot of some very strong influences in my life, including my Mother. There is no way, but their way and don't you dare to disagree. The difference in opinions was bad enough, but the fact that Ronald had high political aspirations compounded Nancy's disapproval of her daughter. It was one thing to disagree with her, but then to also take public shoots at the man she loved-that was the last straw.
At any rate, Patti said the tide finally turned when she apologized to her Mother. The relationship was not automatically healed, but the process began. The bridge that finally spanned the river of anger and hurt was President Reagan's illness. The family pulled together to love and support him and Mrs. Reagan during those difficult years. How well I remember Mrs. Reagan breaking down at her husband's graveside and the embrace of her children as her grief poured out.
Mother/Daughter relationships are an interesting study in mankind. I have listened to my friends as they have spoken of their Mothers. One common theme I hear between the lines is that we all desire our Mother's love, approval, and blessing. They are the MOST IMPORTANT relationship in our life. As that relationship goes-so goes our relationship with so many others. Unless we make a conscious effort-the natural path we follow OFTEN is the one learned at our Mother's Side.
Do you think of your Mother and how she has influenced your life? What are your thoughts on the importance of our relationship with our Mother?


the Jennings secede from the South said...

My mom taught me to never have a glass of wine before 5 p.m.

Anonymous said...

Mama was without a doubt the greatest influence in my life. And I miss her and think of her every day...not a day goes by that I don't wish I could talk to her for just a few minutes....or ask her opinion about something...thank goodness when God took her home, he put some great wonderful friends in my life to help fill that void. Thanks for being there for me! Goosie

Deb said...

My Mom loves to laugh, to dance, to have fun. She loves a party and she always thinks the more the merrier. I think I am more reserved than my mom. She is caring and has always done nice things for others. When we were little she took us with her to visit the elderly shut ins from church....and she really enjoyed it. I was small, but some how I had a gut feeling how important it really was.

Deb said...

and Camille, my Mom taught me it is always 5 PM someplace. ;-) (Just kiddin'. If she reads this I am in BIG trouble!!)

Care said...

Without a doubt this is the most intense of all relationships, sparks alternately flying around and threatening to blaze the surroundings and then coming to rest in the intimate warmth of a glowing campfire. Until adolescence, the mother-daughter relationship is one of general warmth and closeness. Sure, there are the occasional blow-ups, but most resolve themselves with heartfelt apologies from both sides, and lots of hugs.