Monday, August 17, 2009


I walked in the door from my early morning run all ready and convinced what I was going to write about today-"The Idea of A Group". Certainly a good topic--but I read an email that I received that immediately changed my mind. It started me thinking about "Blood" or "Family" ties. IS THERE EVER A STRONGER LINK TO ANOTHER HUMAN? I think not and the closer the relation-the stronger the tie.

Perhaps it is the fact that you have endured life together. I had to smile when I thought about my brothers. Our strong tie is probably due to the fact that we survived our up-bringing together. When we are together and reminisce-some things are really only funny to us. I have noticed that about my own children. For some strange reason, they all seem to remember events in a totally different way than I do. I remember the first time they all ganged up and made some "Cute" comment about me-all agreeing about some quirk in my personality. I WAS SHOCKED! Then I started remembering my brothers and I laughing about MANY of Momma's quirks (that is putting it kindly).

The tie-it comes from "Living Life Together". The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of day to day family dynamics and trying to survive each other. I love to tell that if I EVER have cancer in my arm it will be caused from my older brother hitting me EVERY time he walked by me (always out of Momma's sight). He laughs and says that we would all be sitting watching television and for NO reason, I would yell and tell Momma he was hitting me. OHHHHHHHH-was he in trouble. I honestly don't remember doing that--but if I did-HE DESERVED IT! I was probably remembering all the punches while Momma was out of sight! I always felt like my younger brother's protector while living at home. He was special and sweet and we kept each other's secrets from Momma. He will be the "Baby" until I leave this Earth.

The fact is that I love my brothers dearly and would do anything for them. I know they love me and would defend me and stand by me-No Matter What the circumstances. It is a tie that I have with no one else-except my children (Blood Again). What a wonderful gift and blessing!

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Ann Miller said...

i know they feel the same about you!! looking forward to labor day! love and miss