Monday, August 3, 2009


The Forest Ranger sent us on our hike today to "Canyon Ridge". After it was all over, I renamed it the "NoStopEm Trail". THE FLIES WERE SWARMING US EVERY STEP OF THE 6 MILES AND THE TEMPERATURES HAD CLIMBED INTO THE MISERABLY HOT RANGE! Perhaps the Ranger didn't like all of us Southerners invading her territory!

We drove a LONG way on a gravel road that was not in very good condition. You wondered if you would make it with the poor condition of the road AND the sharp switchbacks leading to the trailhead.

The trail lead up through the forest and out on a ridge with a nice breeze FINALLY. There was NO stopping on this hike-unless you desired to be eaten alive. The bug spray that we applied seemed to be a taste enhancer for the flies since they bit you anyway. I am sure I treked off of this trail with at least 50 bug bites. By the end of the day, I did become quite adapt at swinging hiking poles while swatting at flies at the same time and doing the high step all at the same time!

The canyon was beautiful and we were high above the clouds. The wildfowers on the ridge line were beautiful-but the flies never left us alone!

With no chance at stopping, we made the entire round trip just after lunch. We decided to drive down to the Nansook River and eat lunch by the river and soak our aching feet. This provided TRUE REDEMPTION for a pretty miserable day up to that point.

We hiked down a trail of about one half of a mile by the river's edge and through a beautiful forest of huge fir trees and beautiful ferns. Some of the ferns were as tall as 6 feet. We sat by the river's edge and ate our lunch and then had a long soak in the frigid water. A PERFECT ending to our day.

Strolling Through The Wildflowers On The Ridge

There is a good reason we all look miserable!

The Canyon

Another View of The Canyon

The Clouds in The Middle Of the Pic Are FAR Below Us.

Wish you could see all of the sweat stains!

The Wildflowers Make It All Worthwhile!

Back Down Through The Forest And The Waiting Fly Swarms!

The Nansook River

Ferns Surrounded The Trail By The River

Another Fern Picture

Lunch By The River

The Uneasy Trek To The River

The Roaring River

A LONG Cold Soak!


Come Back For Tomorrow's Post The Last-BUT-Best Hike!

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