Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have told you that I am on a quest for better fitness after months of being "OFF" for various reasons. I made the MISTAKE of telling Friend Sonja that I was tired of being "SQUISHY"! She took it to heart and is on a MISSION to help me meet my goal. SOMEDAY I WILL LEARN TO KEEP MY BIG MOUTH SHUT!

Her daughter found the "P90X" workout on E Bay for a FRACTION of the original cost. We ALL know how this happens! It looks great on the late night promos and we KNOW that we can achieve the same results SO we fork over the ENTIRE 3 or 4 "Manageable" payments on the ROAD TO FITNESS AND A GREAT BODY! We get the device-DVD-whatever in the next week. We try it once-MAYBE even twice! It then goes on the shelve and we still owe 3 THREE more payments. It sits on the shelf for a year or maybe two and we finally sell it on E Bay. Personally the Conville's have an entire room upstairs dedicated to these machines, devices, and DVD's. All I have to say is that you ALL know I go to bed early-SO without incriminating anyone- let's just say I DON'T WATCH LATE NIGHT TV. I DIGRESS!

On our quest for the HARD BODY, Sonja decides we will do the P90X video 3 times a week. OF COURSE, we will still continue to run, walk, and bike or whatever other FUN workouts we have scheduled-or better yet-WE WILL CONTINUE WITH OUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED WORKOUTS!

We are in our second week of Mr. Tony's workouts. A NEW FORM OF TORTURE! I can't do the entire video yet-MUCH TOO HARD! I HAVE THOUGH LEARNED TO LOVE HATING Mr. Tony and his crew of SHOW OFFS! REALLY-could you tell me why they never have some slug like me with squishy flesh and an untoned body on them? OH NO-they put these Freaks of Nature with the perfect bodies on there. It keeps me pumping and sweating just out of PURE LOATHE for almost all of them. TWO things irritate me the most:

Mr. Tony's VOICE and ENCOURAGEMENT ? and BANTER. AS SOON AS WE LEARN ALL THE MOVES we have all agreed the MUTE button goes on.

The Blond that just loves showing off and then helps the MEN up after a set. SUCH A SHOW OFF! She does this one move where you start standing with your arms over your head-you drop down to the floor (in a smooth rhythmic move) and go flat, you then bring both legs off the mat and straight up into a thrusting kick and then you SMOOTHLY roll all the way up to a standing position-NO HANDS and Start the move over. NOT EVEN WITH A CRANE COULD I DO THIS! I don't like to judge others instantly-BUT I KNEW FROM THE BEGINNING- I DON'T LIKE HER!

Anyhow-you are guaranteed a well toned body in 90 days! Sonja told me her daughter looks great and is hard as a rock. OK-NOW LET'S THINK ABOUT THIS-her daughter was already in GREAT shape and she is young enough to be my daughter and she has always been an athlete. I AM SURE I will look JUST LIKE HER after 90 days.!

At any rate, I would advise Mr. Tony to lie low-if I see him walking down the street, I may muster all the strength I have to SEND HIM INTO ORBIT! THE BIG SHOW OFF!


Hannah Lee said...

Those workouts are a form of TORTURE! Nick has done P90x TWICE. This is his second time to do it. I ask him, "Why Nick, why?" I will say, though, his body changed and is very firm. But I always thought it was. Good luck.

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Wow. Anger! Remind me never to try this workout!

Ann Miller said...

it's like the view...don't you just love to hate them...

Jessica Stephenson said...

I have done one workout and don't know how to feel about the next one tomorrow- I'm still trying to recover from yesterdays. On top of that Chris has ordered the set for our house- I think I'm in trouble...