Friday, August 28, 2009

OCD 101

I had pictures down loaded and all ready for today's post as well as tomorrow's-BUT I continue to have technical difficulties! Are you so young that you don't remember watching television and all of a sudden the picture disappears? Within seconds, you would have this picture appear on the screen of a drawing and these words "We apologize for the interruption of your viewing program. We are experiencing technical difficulties." I NOW REALLY UNDERSTAND JUST WHAT THEY ARE SAYING, "The stupid computer broke and we do not have a clue where to even to BEGIN in trying to fix it. We will have it back on as soon as we call the computer geek."

My computer crashed and I am back up and running-but with some problems still! ANYWAY-today's intriguing visual post-will just have to wait!

For all of you "Fellow OCDers" out there-I have a question. Are you able to leave town without cleaning your house and having your yard in tip top shape? You never know-you might die before you get back and THEN WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK if you left dishes in the sink, dirty clothes, unmade beds, and a dusty and not clean house! They will get the hint of what is to come when they pull down the drive and the grass is not mowed nor or all the flower beds weeded. SO in the grand scheme of ALL OCDers-----I never leave town-even if I have to do without sleep without EVERYTHING SHIP SHAPE and READY FOR INSPECTION!

It's an illness-------REALLY!


Jessica Stephenson said...

I'm sooo glad that I am not the only one who thinks that way! I have literally mopped myself out of the door, but it then bothered me that the mop was not in its place.

Miranda said...

I'm the same way. For me though I don't want to have to come home to a dirty house. It's so refreshing to come back to a clean home. It's more relaxing!

Anonymous said...

Call daddy if you want a computer geek who knows what he's doing!