Saturday, August 22, 2009


I am having technical difficulties-so the pics I planned to post -for some strange reason will not upload. HELLO BLOGSPOT PEOPLE!!!!!!!

Today I began the slow task of picking my mileage up on my weekly long run. It was SUCH a wonderful morning with a temp of only 65 and lower humidity. A good day to begin! We ran 7 miles today with a beginning in the early morning blackness with a canopy of stars over our heads. When the moon is at it's end phase, and the sky is at its blackest the stars are most visible and appear to be diamonds glittering on a black velvet sea!

I have begun the process of "thinking" about another marathon. I would really love to run one more since I am now 60. I wonder what % of the female population over 60 ever run a marathon? If I could accomplish this-I feel I would be in a small segment of the population that cross that finish line. Marathons are a HUGE mental game. The first step is to convince yourself that you can indeed cross that line.

The initial step in the preparation is getting the ten mile base necessary to even BEGIN to train. I started down that road this morning. The most difficult thing about the training will be the fact that I will pretty much train alone. I did train mostly alone for the Houston marathon, but Babs always ran the first part of the runs with me while training for the half. I am by far the slowest in the group now and so even if the group trains, I will be on the road alone. That in itself makes the training even more daunting.

For today, I am just working on getting the 10 miles necessary to begin the journey. 7 miles down and 3 more to go!

SIDE NOTE--------I wrote earlier this week about my armadillo problem in my garden. Mr. dillo has paid repeated visits and done LOTS of damage to my new garden. I AM NOT HAPPY WITH MR. DILLO. Last night I had "Dillo Patrol". I slept on the couch where I could see the garden and looked out every 15 minutes all night long -trying to spot him.

I'm not sure what I would have done if I had spotted him since it would not be a good idea to shoot a gun right in front of the house with sprinklers and rocks and concrete-etc etc etc. I've got a new long handled shovel-Thanks to BC-so maybe I could just bang on his armor covered body and chase him off. Let your mind wonder and just image the sight of me out there with my night shirt chasing Mr. Dillo down the drive with a long handled shovel-I AM CERTAIN -YELLING every step of the way. NOW THAT WOULD BE A PICTURE!


the Jennings secede from the South said...

Ha, that sounds just like "Weeza"!!!

SND said...

I am so proud of you!!! I know the weather had to really help. I know when I get back it will be back up to 79 with 100% humidity!! With you thinking about another marathon will get the ball rolling with the group. Miss ya'll and hope to see y'all Wednesday morning!