Tuesday, August 4, 2009


All Good Things Must Come To An End-

Today's hike was the final hike and we DEFINITELY saved the best for last-Yellow Aster Butte Trail-7 miles of breath taking beauty! The trail began with 1 & 1/2 miles of UP-UP-UP! So worth the work, when you emerged upon a meadow of wildflowers. While still climbing-the sharp angle of up dropped to a more manageable angle. Still all of us Flatlanders were huffing and puffing. Once again the black flies were HORRIBLE and the temperatures had climbed to our hottest day of the trip. You know it is hot when you have a "Three Water Bottle Day". A good way to end our trip and a good time to head home.

We trekked through wonderful fields of wildflowers, crossing snowmelt streams, and long snowfields on the way up the mountain. The last 600 feet are STRAIGHT UP. They called this part of the trail-
"Switchbacks are for Sissies". When I first looked up at our destination and the STEEP climb, I didn't think we would make it. Slow and Steady-got the job done!

We emerged upon the top of the mountain, to find the ONE OF THE MOST MAGNIFICENT panoramic view that I have ever beheld! You have heard me say this before but you just CANNOT behold the grandeur and wealth of breath-taking views unless you hike back into the wilderness!

The trek back involved a few thrown snowballs and Sandra ACTUALLY reclining in a snowmelt stream. When I say it was hot-BELIEVE ME!

Another year has drawn to a close, but wonderful memories will remain forever! We are already planning our next year's trip. A sure indication of a wonderful adventure!

Emerging on The Meadow But Still Climbing

First Glimpse of Mt. Baker
The Top To The Left Is Where We Are Headed

Note As We Go Up How Much More Of Baker You See

The Beautiful White Wildflowers Would Be Beautiful In My White Garden

Up Through The Meadows

The Red In The Snowfield Is An Algae-NOT Blood As We First Thought

Trekking Through The Snowfields

OH WELL-Another Mountain! Ho Hum

Oh Yes-Mt. Baker


Doesn't Look That Steep-BUT COULD I TELL YOU-Almost on all 4's!

First Things First-MORE bugspray before lunch!

Our Lunch Time Views-Front



Your LAST View of Mt. Baker

An Excellent Adventure INDEED!

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