Wednesday, July 1, 2009


My sweet daughter has written a couple of times lately about "Pajama Days". TOTALLY FOREIGN CONCEPT TO ME! If I have my pajamas on all day, I probably am in the hospital. I don't even leave my pajamas on all day when I am sick. I am a creature of habit-----I KNOW YOU ARE SHOCKED! When I get up in the morning, even when I am REALLY SICK, I put on my clothes. The closest I get to a pajama day is a day like yesterday when I left my workout clothes on ALL DAY-until I finally showered at 4PM. BUSY DAY!

If I am sick, I will put on clothes such as my yoga pants which are knit capris and a tee shirt. I do not and never have left my pajamas on for the entire day. What if someone comes to the door, what if I decide I need to go outside, what if-----------

You know what the Girl Scout Motto is-------BE PREPARED. I try to live by this creed and stay always ready! After all------YOU JUST NEVER KNOW!


Anonymous said...

Try it. You might like it. You live in the woods. Who would see you if you went outside?

Chrome Cowgirl

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Mooooom, pajama day is for Henry- I put him in his little footsie pajamas. I don't have on "Pajamas" I have on my workout capris and a t-shirt usually, just something comfy. But then when the sun comes out and we leave or go to Target, I change him into going-out clothes.

Hannah Lee said...

Nope, no pajama day for me either. My pajamas are just like yours. With a toddler, you have to have things secure and in place (not toys...body parts) and you have to be ready to make a move quick. So with that said my lazy outfits are running shorts, sports bra, and tshirt.

Deb said...

You and Jim! I rarely make it allll day, but I try sometimes. I wear tee shirts to bed sometimes and then pull on some sweats or is that HALF a pj day? If I am going to be reading most the day what the hey...but if I leave the hood I will put on a clean tee shirt...aren't ja glad? Once school starts my party is OVER! P.S. Ask my neighbor down the street about this. I have even walked down there in my robe with my coffee.