Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The first marathon I trained for was in 2001. Our small group (at the time) decided after running a half marathon that we should train for and run a full marathon. AFTER ALL THE HALF WAS NO BIG DEAL! We had run the half in Monroe in the Fall and had just enough time to train for the whole in February in New Orleans-The Madi-Gras Marathon. We did have to accelerate our training a bit, since we did not have the full 18 weeks we now use to train.

We went on line and found a training schedule for beginners and modified it to fit our time-table. We planned to train up to 20 miles since we had read that if you got to 20 miles-the next 6 would not be difficult. I am not sure WHAT GENIUS wrote that-but TRUST me the next 6 are a HUGE DEAL!

I ran EACH and EVERY mile of the training period. The last two weeks are the taper where you begin to back off and rest your muscles for the Big Day. The plan was to leave on Saturday and run the Marathon on Sunday. We were all set and THEN Momma became sick on Friday.

I took her to the ER and it seemed she needed gall bladder surgery. BC said "Go", as did my brothers, but my heart said, "No". He was mad and I was disappointed and in tears, but I KNEW I needed to be with her. God has a way of whispering those things to you-you know.

My buds all left and we sat in the waiting room while the "routine" surgery was performed. The doctor came out and it had not been so routine with serious complications happening. We sat while she was in recovery and then another hour or so later, the doctor appeared again. There had been a serious crisis while in recovery and Momma was headed for ICU.

The night of the marathon, I sat alone through the night in the ICU waiting room. Momma's nurse told me-"If it were my Mother, I would not leave." So I sat and the long hours of the night drug on.

I was trained up and ready for that first marathon. It was disappointing to miss the day-but I did the right thing and have never regretted it for a moment. There would be other marathons on the horizon, but there was only one Momma and, as it turned out, a limited time left with her.


lesli said...

well, that gave me the tears! i can't wait to read all of your marathon memories posts. good for you for staying with your mama... you did the right thing=)

Ann Miller said...

oh, how she must have loved that post. that you would sacrifice it all for had to choose and you chose her...can you imagine anything that would make someone feel more special, loved, and treasured than that?? what a great example you are...we are watching, you know!