Friday, July 31, 2009


We came off the mountain after our second hike with exhausted and sore legs and thinking of needing a rest day. When greeted by the two non-hikers, we learn that Susan is headed home the next day and thus our Seattle day trip was set. We had originally planned to hike 3 days and then go to Seattle-but the new plan was best. I use the term "Rest Day" VERY loosely. As Philip has said, "You , People, don't know how to relax." Well-perhaps we all are just a little driven.

We set out at 8 AM for some sight seeing and Seattle adventure. It is a LONG way to Seattle-2 1/2 hours-and as I am sure you are aware with a car load of women-there is always a need for a stop along the way. We finally make our way downtown and park in a central location. If you have ever been to Seattle, you know that most of the action is between the interstate and the pier, and we parked right in the middle. We head to Pike's Market and OF COURSE a meal. Once again we all enjoy fresh fish and seafood and it was delicious! Then the shopping begins. Susan has to leave to catch her plane by 1:30, so we are on a mission-off to Pike's Market. The Market is the center of activity in Seattle and today was no exception since it was also Farmer's Friday. There were not only stands set up on the inside of the market, but also totally lining the outside. One of the vendor's laughed and said he had never seen ANYONE so excited over apples. The flowers, fresh fruit and veggies were overflowing. We tasted and smelled our way through a proverbial HAVEN.

One of the fascinating things to me was all the men that had stopped in to bring the women in their life a fresh bouquet of flowers. VERY reasonably priced ($10 for a large bunch) you saw legions of men and women walking away with beautiful bouquets. How LOVELY to have someone present you with a bouquet of flowers every Friday! Susan picked up a bouquet to take on the airplane with her. BRAVE WOMAN! One of our best finds was the Lavender Vendor. Fresh lavender as well as dried-WONDERFUL SMELL! We also hit the fruit and veggie vendors and left laden with delicious finds for the remainder of our trip including delectable fresh asparagus!

The time goes by quickly and we take our purchases back to the car and get Susan's bag so that she can hail a cab and head to the airport. THEN THE REAL SHOPPING BEGINS! We hit every "Gear" store in Seattle including REI which is ALL the way back at the Interstate. I can safely say that we walked at least 5 or 6 miles -IN SANDALS- that day. We stop for an old fashioned burger and shake for supper before heading back to the car and our trip home.

I drove under a beautiful new moon all the way home. We finally arrive back at home base around 11:00 and head to bed shortly. God sent us a wonderful shower as lullaby and off to dreamland we go knowing another big day of hiking will dawn tomorrow.

Note the couple sitting behind Sandra
The Flowers Draping The Roof Are All Over the HUGE Market
Happy Faces After All Our Finds

Which ONE????

A SERIOUS discussion over just what apple, cherry, or piece of fruit to buy.

The Lavender Lady

We Small Town Girls KNOW How To Hail A Taxi
You Don't Just Put Up A Hand
You Stand Out In The Traffic and Whistle


the Jennings secede from the South said...

Where are the pictures of you??? C'mon lady!

Hannah Lee said...

Yall are the cutest group of Southern women I have ever seen trying to catch a cab! Loved the pics from the Market. Reminds me of Boston!

SND said...

Camille, Your mother was our official photographer. I tried time and time again to take a picture of her in it, but you know what her answer was. I do have some of her on facebook. I promise she was with us!!!!