Thursday, July 2, 2009


One of the MANY projects that I scheduled for myself lately has been helping put in new flower beds for Friend, Sandra. Sandra is absolutely OVER THE TOP when it comes to exercising, but she is not really a "Flower Person". She did decide it was time to replace her front beds. You know that your plants and flowers are just like us-they have a life expectancy. It just comes times to make a change. I am sure BC would tell you that I am slightly over the top with frequency of change.

Sonja first volunteered to help, and when I heard about the project I volunteered myself and Babs (YOUR WELCOME BABS). We have had a lot of fun redoing her yard. It is always neat to start with a clean slate.

In case you don't know any of us, we ALL have VERY strong personalities and MIGHT be a little hard-headed at times. It has been a joy to work together and we have done a great job of playing off of each other's strengths.

Three chiefs and ONE POOR INDIAN! Sandra's husband, Don, has been on the receiving end of all the orders. We don't mind getting in there and doing the physical labor ourselves, but Sandra has been telling us-"Don can do that!" We just ignore her and do it ourselves. He is a good worker and will pretty much do what ever you ask, BUT he doesn't sling and throw at warp speed like the three of us.

Don is a perfectionist and we are trying to de-sensitize him and teach him the art of throwing dirt and not having everything absolutely even and lined up. RANDOM ORDER is a good thing!

And then we have Sandra-THE SQUAW. She says, "Whatever you all think" and stands there making pictures while we discuss the placement of plants. All I can say is that I didn't say Sandra was the ONE OLD SQUAW! I eat her dust enough as it is and don't want to provoke her into humbling me anymore than I already am!


Anonymous said...

"In case you don't know any of us, we ALL have VERY strong personalities and MIGHT be a little hard-headed at times."

That COULD BE the understatement of the century!

Still love yall though.

Chrome Cowgirl

SND said...

Indian appreciates good work of the three chiefs. Indian is now leaving town with no forwarding address. Squaw does not matter to me!!!