Tuesday, July 14, 2009


While on vacation, we had this really cute little almost 4 year old with us. He is a typical 3 to 4 year old and quite vocal. One of his favorite things to do is squeal. He could make the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up with one of those loud joyous roof raising squeals. #2 son was a squealer when he was that age also. I remember the same feeling of shock when he was that age.

After today's walk, I was reminded of one of the pitfalls of walking in the HOT and humid Louisiana weather. It seems that as you perspire your body secrets salt. As the hot summer wind blows, the wet dries up and the salt is left. With continued effort, the salt begins to rub any place that your clothing might be tighter fitting. This leads to chaffing.

Most of the time, I do not even realize I am chaffed. I am too busy thinking about something else that is hurting. The bell tolls when I hit the shower. Once that water hits the chaff-I have my own version of the BLOOD CURDLING SQUEAL. It slips out before I even have time to think about it. There have been times during summer marathon training that I was so chaffed and in so many places that it was LITERALLY water torture to get into that shower. It only takes one good chaffing for me to remember my Vaseline. The problem is that invariably a NEW and MORE TENDER spot will be the victim with the next run. At some point in time with enough greasing, I begin to look like an oil slick running down the road. BETTER GREASY THAN CHAFFY!

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lesli said...

I feel your pain, girl! I'm currently training for my first marathon, and I lathered up with my body glide only too come home with caffed boobies! yikes! didn't think of putting it there!

love your blog!