Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Another EXCELLENT HIKING ADVENTURE! I must admit that I anticipated this year's trip would be lack luster compared with the previous two-BUT I must say-while different-the hiking was once again truly "SPECTACULAR!" in the beautiful Northwest!

Our travel day began at 3:45 AM and we finally hit the bed at 1:30 AM the next day (LA time). Arriving in WA in waves, we finally loaded up completely and headed out around 4:00 PM Washington time. The FIRST sign we go by that advertises Washington berries required a stop and 3 THREE stops later, we are loaded down with fresh blueberries, raspberries, cherries and some veggies. A stop in Bellingham for a DELICIOUS dinner with the hit of the night being fresh salmon. We stumbled around in the dark woods on winding roads but FINALLY arrived at our destination in the deep Washington woods on the road to Mt. Baker.

Perhaps the funny of the evening-besides LA girls acting as if they had found gold when we hit the fruit stands-was our grocery shopping trip. We each took a portion of the list to expedite shopping. When we met at the front of the store, it seems Sandra had picked up 3 LARGE packages of multiple rolls of TP. THERE WAS PLENTY OF DISCUSSION about just WHAT she thought we would be doing all week!

The next day dawned early with some up with the birds. A big breakfast and off we go to hit the first trail-The Skyline Divide. In an effort to not over-do, we had decided to do shorter hikes this year in hopes of not coming in ready to collapse every night. The first day's hike was a mere 8+ miles. It turned out that the first two miles were UP AND UP-but we emerged from the mountain forest on a ridge and upper meadow COVERED with wildflowers. Today's hike involved plenty of up and down and up and down. We passed several small snowfields and took two detours WAY up peaks to get the panorama view. Hiking on through the woods, we ended up at the base of Mt. Baker. An IMPOSING and GLORIOUS mountain with snow covered peaks towering over the mountains surrounding.

The hike down the steep trail took its toll and two of the hikers ended up with knee and IT band problems. When Philip emerged from the woods and the trail-he was sock footed as he also discovered that his new hiking shoes were rubbing blisters. A tough beginning with multiple days of hiking coming!

We stopped at the small local grocery to only come out and find a flat tire. This lead to a LONG ordeal of getting it changed (no owner's manual) and we were EXTREMELY grateful for the two men along on the trip. We FINALLY got back to our house and all worked together to get supper on the table. A soak in the hot tub was quickly followed by falling into the bed. My night was filled with dreams of Julie Andrews twirling on the Alpine meadow and singing "The Sound Of Music"!

Here we go up the first forest trail.
It doesn't take long for the "Flatlanders" to need a break-LOTS of gasping-especially on the first day.
The first glimpse of Mt. Baker.

Philip and Jim enjoyed a roll in the cold snowfield

Philip feels the need to share a snowball with Sonja.

This is Mt. Shucksan which is by Mt. Baker.

Note how far up we are by looking at the mountains in the distance.

Susan appears to be throwing herself off the mountain.

Note the shadows on the Mountains caused by the clouds.

Down through the wildflower meadow

The trail leads all the way up this small peak and OF COURSE we followed it!

Headed to Mt. Baker

At the base of Mt. Baker

The rock monuments built as each climber reaches the peak.

All hands on deck for preparation of a delicious spaghetti supper.

This is not a farmer's tan-this is the dirt caked on the back and front of our legs from the dry and dusty trail. Looks like these legs might need a good soaking in the hot tub.

MORE TO COME-Tomorrow Day 2 of hiking!


Hannah Lee said...

Niiiiice! Love my M-I-L's legs. Dirt, sweat, and bug spray make a nice mix of funk on people's legs! Glad it was so fun!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Looks beautiful! I'm glad y'all had such a wonderful trip.

Deb said... can never have too much TP!! haha Looks like a wonderful time.