Sunday, July 5, 2009


I get to this time of the year and begin to reminisce. As a very young girl, we would get in the car and travel for what seemed like days and go to a "Dude Ranch". I am sure this must have been my Daddy's idea. My Mother was such a "Girlie Girl" that I cannot imagine her wanting to do this! Her idea in later life of a vacation was something like a spa where they waited on you hand and foot for a week. I DIGRESS AGAIN!

My memories of the "Dude Ranch" include horse back riding and hours in a swimming pool. Always a believer in the "Rough Life", Momma took along a baby sitter to care for her three children. I am certain I got BLISTERED beyond belief since I have always had this LILY WHITE complexion. That was also in the days of "Coppertone" suntan lotion and NO sunscreen.

Meals were served "Family Style" and since I was a VERY picky eater, I am certain I ate very little. The cowpokes spent plenty of time trying to keep the "Green Horns" entertained including branding your blue jeans with white paint.

I remember other marathon trips to South Louisiana, Biloxi, and Padre Island, but this sticks out in my memory the most. I even remember the name-Mission Valley Dude Ranch. I looked on the WWW today and saw that there are still Dude Ranches out there. You should load up and try one-I remember it being LOTS OF FUN!


Ann Miller said...

maybe my affinity for the spa is genetic...another thing i just can't help and can blame on my genes!! haha! hope y'all are having fun in florida and the cousins are enjoying getting to know each other!! the boys must be excited to have another boy!! love and miss!

adrian seney said...

WHAT???? Never knew about the dude ranch vacations! Although, I can remember mom and dad bringing babysitters on trips; now I know where they got that idea.