Thursday, April 17, 2008


There is a very good reason that our appliances, heaters, cars, stoves, etc etc etc have vents-too keep them from over-heating and blowing up. I went by to see sweet friends, The Boersma's this afternoon. Dr. Dale is totally confined to his bed and unable to do anything for himself. This leads to long hours of nursing care for Helen, Rachel, & David. If you are lying in that bed, 24/7, it stands to reason that napping would naturally occur. It seems that Dale occasionally naps so much during the day that he is up for most of the night. This in turn leads to Helen getting no rest. Vicious circle! Last night was just such a night. I understand how this happens for BC loves to nap on the weekends and sometimes in the late evening after he has come home from a long day. This tends to lead him down the path of sleepless nights also. This does not create a problem for me-even though I am a very light sleeper, since he is able to get up and go to the den in the other end of the house. MOST of the time he is very careful to be quiet so he does not wake me. Helen & Dale do not have this luxury. Helen spent the day today keeping Dale awake so he will sleep tonight. She was not a happy camper! I suggested she go outside and have a good scream. She said she had threatened to get down on the floor and throw a fit. There is nothing wrong with an occasional fit-I have found some comfort and certainly comic relief by going out the door and just letting out a good scream. I also can enjoy a good door slam or a stomping of the feet. I am just venting the frustration I am feeling and usually I end up laughing at myself which provides a change of emotion and a therapeutic laugh. So Friends, my prescription to you when your days are long and frustrations overpowering, throw you a good fit! It will do wonders for you!

The floor people are right on schedule with the grouting coming tomorrow. Now if only the granite man will show! I LOVE THE FLOOR! I can see it coming together-slowly but surely!

Went by for a visit with Babs and she is getting better since she was complaining about being hungry. She told them to not even bother to bring that broth because she was not eating it and that she was sick of those Popsicles. YEP she's on the mend- griping and complaining-always a good sign!

Sandra and I walked 5 miles this AM. When I spoke with her late this afternoon, she is once again nauseated and throwing up. If it weren't for her age, I would guess pregnancy. GOOD GRIEF!

Reports are out that Lisa was seen at Wal Mart yesterday with her husband 2 days after a mastectomy! WHAT A WOMAN!!!!!

Contrary to popular we are not dropping like flies-YOU JUST CAN'T KEEP A GOOD WOMAN DOWN!


Deb said...

I don't do well at all when I get too short of sleep. New babies and puppies are the main reasons I have lost sleep and I was so grumpy! I still have my days as Soph still gets up at night at times.

Anonymous said...

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the Jennings secede from the South said...

Mom, you never had a good scream over me, huh?

Anonymous said...

Yes, venting is good. But don't try it on the punching bag. I've done the scream before too, but my dogs come running to rescue me.

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