Saturday, April 19, 2008


Table of Goodies
Floral Arrangements By Lora's Fantasy Florals

Don't You Love This Tulip!-Bride's color-HOT PINK!
More pics coming from Sheila-she knows what she is doing with a camera!

We showered our friend Mona's daughter Amy this morning. We have quite a few missing in action, but we had a great time. Amy will be a beautiful bride and seems to be quite excited about "The Big Day". We were all on our good behavior and spared Amy any "Wedding Tales" from all of the old hands. The entertainment of the event came from Brandi-one of the bridesmaids. She told us that she could outdo "27 Bridesmaids Dresses" any day of the week, claiming to have been in at least 40 weddings. She said she thought enough was enough and her friends should ask her to do something like sit by the bride's book or some other task not requiring another expensive -worn only once-dress. She has a point. She did tell the bride that she would have been hurt had she not been asked to be in her wedding-a quick save after a bold statement. She also told us a tale of an "OUTLANDISH Wedding" that she had been to as the photographer's assistant. THE LENGTHS PEOPLE GO TO! Suffice it to say that part of the tale involved all of the guests wearing fairy wings. WHHHHOOOOOAAAAA!-OVERBOARD! Lisa came to the party and was a big help. OK-think about it-she had surgery Monday! WHAT A WOMAN!

We ran our long run before the party this AM. I cut out after 6.5 miles since I had a busy day coming! Ran with some that I have not seen in a while and greatly enjoyed that!


Anonymous said...

Warning! See Please Here

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Those flowers look good, Mom! Way to go!

Deb said...

WOW...Very pretty....I bet is was perfect. So glad to hear Lisa is out and doing well. She is amazing!

Fairy wings...hahaha...never heard of anything like that before. I have been trying to imagine that wedding album.

Adrian said...

Great job with the flowers! I know who to call when I need an arrangement!