Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I have never really had sleep problems until the last few years and then not on a continuous basis, but just occassionally. I live with Mr. Dysfunctional Sleeper! I have spent years giving lectures about "Bad Sleeping Habits" and what he was doing wrong. The man has always loved to come in and take a nap right after work and supper. He then proceeds to either stay up half the night or go to bed at the regular time and then get up in the wee hours and watch television. BC's sleeping habits are not what I am writing about today, though, it is mine.

First mistake last night was "sweet tea" and lots of it for supper. Then I missed my "sleep cues" (Modern Day Baby Talk) and stayed up too late-BUT I LIKE TO STAY UP LATE. I wasn't sleepy and I had things I wanted to do-all the usual teenager complaints. FINALLY I manage to get to bed and toss and turn off to sleep around 11:30. I am in the deep coma that you enter those early hours of sleep when I am jarred awake by this strange music. I can't figure out where it is coming from and why it is so loud. "Bobby, do you hear that?" Well somehow until I nudged him and asked he had slept through the juke box going off sometime after midnight. After a 10 minute discussion, it turns out he has gone to bed with his i phone in his pocket and it has gone off. We have this really strange thing going on with our cells. You can call and leave a voice mail and we might not get it until hours and sometimes days later. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT? Anyway we finally figure out what is happening and he gets the phone off. By then he is wide awake and moves to the den and the television. I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to get up-I AM GOING BACK TO SLEEP! I toss and turn again for at least an hour and finally drift back off to sleep. At 2:17 I am awake again. You see I wake up almost every night around 2 AM. For what reason, I have no idea, but sometimes I pray and others I look at the clock, calculate how much longer I can sleep and then go back to sleep. This morning it took a while to go back to sleep. I then wake up every hour on the hour and think how much sleep I am missing and how tired I will be today. Finally around 5 AM, I am wide awake, since this is my time to normally get up and run-but today I am not doing that. I toss and turn until 6:30 when I need to get up for the granite men. GOOD GRIEF, CHARLIE BROWN!!!! Now I don't go through this every night, but when I do ,I walk around in a daze the next day. I have friends that this is a reoccurring almost every night ordeal. I am grateful that I don't go through that!

The carpenter was here at 7 to tell me when he is coming back and what is in store. Mr. Hammons, the cabinet maker, put in my shelf unit in my new flower arranging/hobby closet late yesterday. The granite men have just arrived to finish their job. I will call the electrician as soon as they leave to get the stove wired and then a call to the plumber. I am sick and tired of my house being a HUGE mess-but it will all be worth it!
I need to go find the toothpicks, since I am sure I will need to prop my eyes open sometime during this LONG day!

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Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I stay up late also....sometimes until 1:00. BUT, I need my sleep...8 hous worth. I am miserable w/out it. Luckily my kids sleep late between... 9-10. I have friends that don't 3 hours a night for several days and then they just crash. This can't be good for you but I think people get stuck in this "I can't sleep" and they work themselves up and CAN'T SLEEP. I don't want what they have.