Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ALIVE & KICKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"The rumors of my early demise have been greatly exaggerated." Mark Twain. OK-I'm FINE and going 90 to nothing-a little embarrassed from all of the excitement, but REALLY, I am fine. As previously discussed, I like to be in control and having a doctor calling the shots-is not in my scope of being in control. I am still a flabbergasted at Sunday, but I am in high gear-as usual-working on the kitchen project! Thanks for your concern. I do have a new best friend that I will have right by my side-my epi pen. I am counting on the fact that this will never reoccur, but better safe than sorry.

I just finished cleaning the kitchen floor -thoroughly-in anticipation of the final sealing tomorrow. The kitchen molding was finished today and looks great. The stove and new frig were delivered and are ready to slip into their slots. The granite man has called (after my 3rd inquiry) and they will be here Friday. The painter came by yesterday and he will be here next week. OK-yesterday was 2 weeks since the demolition-so we are not in our remodeled kitchen in 2 weeks-but I am not unhappy with the progress. I bought our new dishwasher (QUIET MODEL) today and it will be delivered Thursday. Hopefully I will be able to get the plumber and electrician back in next week and be back in business then. I don't need paint on the walls to cook-so I will be happy with just a functioning kitchen again.

Mel & I ran 5 miles this AM. It was hot & humid LA weather, which always slows us down, but still kept an 11 minute pace-even with all that has transpired this week. I was satisfied with that!


Deb said...

New kitchen, new blog heading and a fresh new outlook....good to know you are full strength Lora again! We are still wanting an answer to the mystery of the closed throat. Inquiring minds just need to know why.

Adrian said...

Just a thougt...if you are looking for a family to come test out the first meal cooked in your new kitchen...the Seney's are willing!!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

You go, girl. Who did your new blog header? I like it! My blog needs a facelift.

B-HO said...

Ms Lora I would love to take you up on your home cooked meal offer...I don't know about Cynthia ...but I don't miss too many meals!! Lokking forward to it!