Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Appliance Garages will go between the 2 cabinets

Good work day again-but A BIG SLOW DOWN is definitely looming! The cabinet men came and finished this part of the job including putting on the hardware that I picked up early this AM. Camille asked what the cabinets were made of-they are wood with a pewter glaze. The telephone man came and repaired the line-so we are fully "Hooked Up" again. They began putting in the floor. A really good day!
When you start working with all of these subs, you learn lots of info about the other subs. It seems the granite people are notorious for dragging their feet. The sales pitch about being out here and measuring the day the cabinets were put in and being sure I was back in my kitchen in short order is beginning to look like just that-A SALES PITCH! I called yesterday and again today to say, you need to come measure. Once the floor people get in there, we will not be able to walk on the floor for a while. They missed that window-now you cannot walk on the floor to get those measurements. Once I get the floor people out of here, I will GO TO SEE the granite man-"Eyeball to Eyeball". It seems Mr. Painter is also BUSY BUSY and promising everyone he will be there tomorrow. The carpenter-well we will see when he shows up.
Happy with all that has been done so far, but a little apprehensive about the ultimate-"All Coming Together". I will be satisfied to just get back in there and be able to cook and wash dishes. Looks like next week-probably late week, at the earliest. Monday will be 2 weeks, so we will be going days (at a minimum) over that.
I went by the hospital to see Friend, Babs, today. She was flying high on the "Joy Juice Pump". Certainly not experiencing any pain at this point. She was sitting up in a chair with tubes hanging everywhere and seemed to enjoy the visit. I got a good chuckle out of her when she told me about pushing the button for the pain pump boost. They took out over a foot of her intestine. GOOD GRIEF, CHARLIE BROWN!
Miss Sandra called today and is feeling better. She is meeting me tomorrow early for our run. Thank goodness, I once again have a partner. I was beginning to feel like a "Slug".