Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Lisa second from right.
We girls tend to discuss everything under the sun when running together. I was reminded today of a discussion that we had one day while running. We were discussing breast cancer and those that we know and love that have been affected by it. At the end of the discussion, I looked around and said, "You know the odds are that one of us will have breast cancer. It is just a matter of time." Little did I know that I would live to rue the day that I made that declaration, for you see one of our own has been diagnosed with the disease.

Lisa is probably the "sweetest" in our bunch. She goes along with whatever the rest say and is unassuming and very humble about all of her talents. She will often run with the "Turtles" and protest when you tell her to go ahead. She has more talent in her little toe than most, but never flaunts or is presumptuous enough to laud it over us. She usually is pretty quiet, but always has a sweet smile and an even disposition. You never hear her complaining or moaning and groaning like I am prone, but takes things as they come with her even temperament and sweet smile.

Lisa has had her share of really tough times, but life had made a turn and she and new hubby, Sam, seemed to be on an endless honeymoon. We were all happy for her happiness since we all agree she was so deserving. Her brother, Andy, has recently been diagnosed with cancer and now this.

Lisa is now going down that path that I have seen my sister in law trod as well as numerous friends. What doctor to use, what surgery to have, what treatments to administer. The questions are endless and the options are varied, which requires lots of talking with others, research, and decision making. She has begun the trek down the long road of her illness.

The mountain can seem daunting when you are at the bottom looking up. We learned this summer that the trail will wind and climb for a long time before you reach the meadow at the top. There are times that you are walking the trail that you do not know what is around the next corner. There are times that you think the switchbacks will never end. The trail can become so steep that you have to get on all fours to continue up. There are obstacles and slippy spots on the trail, but the trail always leads up. Once you reach the top of the mountain, you can look back and see where you have come from and look ahead and see where you are going. The climb is torturous and hard and there are times that you think you will never get to the top. With persistence and perseverance, you do reach the top and you conquer the mountain.

Lisa will attack her illness with this same positive attitude. We are called to be her friend, and trod along the trail with her. Climbing the mountain can be foreboding, but when climbed with friends along beside you it becomes a much easier journey. We will pray without ceasing and stand along beside our dear friend as she takes this journey. We will all gather along beside her and be thankful for the perseverance we have learned from all of the miles we have run together. This is a real life marathon and we are prepared to run each and every mile at our friend's side as we run to the goal of restored health.



Ann Miller said...

what a blessing you and the rest of the running girls must be to lisa...i'm sure she could not imagine going thru this w/o you!!

Deb said...

I am glad she has a great support group of friends and a wonderful husband and super kids. The docs will give her tools to fight and she is strong and a survivor... and she will have so much prayer support...I will be praying.

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Hang in there, Ms. Lisa!!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Hope your friend stays positive and strong during her ordeal.

Y'all lool like a bunch o'sexy cougars on a happier note~