Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I was posting a comment on Camille's blog and it jogged my memory of an "Oldie but Goodie" Camille story.

When Camille was a young girl, she loved animals-all animals. She would adopt and care for any of the neighborhood dogs, but they all would eventually go to their homes. We were without a dog for a brief period of time about this time.

One day when I was at work Camille called me. My secretary announced (as always), "Miss Camille is on the phone, Lora". Well you never knew what revelation or question would be on the other end, but I answered with the usual expectations. "Mom, there's the cutest dog out in the front yard. He is so friendly." Me-"CAMILLE, whatever you do-DO NOT FEED THAT DOG! He will not go home if you feed him." "Gosh, Mom, I didn't know that I have already fed him." Well just great. One thing I didn't need was another dog to feed, shuttle to the vet, etc. etc. I went home determined to ignore the dog and tell Camille she could not keep that dog.

The next few days the calls continue about "the dog". I tell Camille to search around and ask neighbors if they know whose dog it it, but with no luck.

One day, I few days later-after discovering the dog was a female, Camille once again calls me at work. "Mom, Lucky (she has named the dog by then) is out in the front yard and all of her friends have come to see her! WHAT OH NO-the dog is in heat! I go home that day and take Lucky to the vet to have this problem tended to. A hefty vet bill later, I announce, "OK-she's our dog now." Thus Lucky Girl proved to indeed be a very fortunate dog when she roamed up to the Conville household.

She was a great pet and as always, I ended up doing most of the tending to. After she attacked one of the neighborhood "lapdogs" the second time and we had to pay the second big vet bill, we knew she had to find a new home or end up killing every little dog in the neighborhood. Lucky Girl has a wonderful home not far from friend Mona. Mona gives me updates and Lucky has once again ended up in "Doggie Heaven on Earth". I am sure I could go by and visit her anytime, but cannot bring myself to do that. Every time I see some cute dog and think I need another dog-I slap myself. I'm enjoying the freedom from the responsibility and ability to pick up and go whenever I want.

Camille has always had a soft heart when it came to animals, the same soft heart that loves all of us so dearly!


Deb said...

Well, you don't have to worry about me trying to pawn off Henry the white lab....the stray I told you about. Seems 5 month old Henry has become a permanent fixture at my friend's house and even gotten her two outside dogs to behave better and quit using the bathroom on the door mat....she said he is the angel dog and sits when told and "talks" when she talks to him. Now she is afraid someone will come and claim him.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Sounds like my mom...........

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Oh, Lucky girl. I hope she's enjoying her fat, spoiled life.

Anonymous said...

Wait....I feel a little hurt. I never knew what happened to Lucky!! Maybe that is the same fate that befell my cats (though I think that is really being optimistic.) My adult self has to admit that they were probably all eaten by wild animals. :(