Saturday, January 21, 2012


I have been thinking today about intimacy---and just what it is. I went to the movie and became so aware that today's society would have us all believe that intimacy is all about physical knowledge of another. I don't really think so- though I do think this physical part of intimacy is the icing on the cake--we ALL know that the physical part can be experienced with no real intimacy at all.

Intimacy grows with the years of--sharing--caring--dreaming--living life as one. When one knows you almost as well as you know yourself--when you have suffered loss together-worried together-worked together-spent hours upon hours upon hours in conversation--listening--talking--sharing--laughing--crying. When the other is more important than you are to yourself--you are then beginning to understand intimacy.

You have experienced the joy of birth--the pain of death--the concern of illness and injury--
You have seen and heard it all--and come to accept the other for who they are--warts and all. You have prayed together, worshipped together, cried out to God together.

You have watched the ravages of time and still consider the other the most beautiful-handsome and have left the thrill of infatuation behind for the joy of the familiar. You don't have to be anyone but yourself --and yourself is always good enough.

Intimacy is a wonderful gift--a blessing---that can only be truly shared with one...only one at a time-

And then the time comes --that there is only God to be intimate with--


debbie said...

what a beautiful picture you have painted with your words!!

janet wilson said...

Lora, your are a truly gifted writer. Your words just reached out and touched my soul. I love you.

Len said...

How true, how true! Great post, Lora!