Saturday, January 7, 2012


Today has been a hard day--as weekends are often difficult. I have tried to stay busy---projects-visiting---but there are still empty moments to think

When I get to heaven I would like for God to explain to me why he created us (women-anyway) with the need for a man in our lives. I actually like myself and don't mind my own company--but there are times---that I am very lonesome---incomplete---alone. When I see a couple my age shopping together, driving down the road together, entering the room together, having a meal together--sitting in church together--I always think---I should be there.

Why would God create us like that knowing that most of us women will eventually be alone? Why would he let those that He loves so dearly--suffer this emptiness? I KNOW---I have been told--I believe----HE should be enough----but to date--I have not felt him warm my feet at night.

Am I EVER going to adjust to being alone? I've been alone for almost 10 months---but unless I am working and busy--I have this feeling of something is really missing in my life.

On my list to ask God why---when we meet face to face.


Anonymous said...

Your friend from Erie here and if I can say one thing it's that you are reminding me to value and cherish my own marriage. We have been together for 20 yrs (married for 12) and we have been a bit distant for several months although we are trying to work on it. It's hard sometimes. But worth it, I know. I will keep you in my prayers, maybe there's a nice gentleman out there for you? A guy at Church? God will have your answer's we know that...Thank you for your wonderful blog, you are an inspirational person!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Friend from Erie #2 here---I can't understand your pain personally, but my Mom lost my Dad just over a year ago after 67 years of marriage... she is so lost. I wish I could help her; kids do what they can, but will never be able to replace their companion. Yours is not unlike a death. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Lorie