Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I don't really like to beg or plead---but there comes a time-when it is necessary. There are some things--I just cannot do--like get the silly DVD player to work! Friend David came over tonight and got the thing working just in time for the new Bible study for our small group tomorrow night. NOT THAT I WOULD EVER WAIT UNTIL THE LAST SECOND! His Mom-Helen-volunteered him and he was most willing-even went to Wally World and bought the necessary wire. THANK YOU, DAVID!

Then yesterday---John and son came to my rescue. I actually got my Cmas tree down and drug the parts out and stored them in the box in the garage-BUT it weighs a LOT---so when they delivered a desk I bought from the sweet Ward family--they put the tree in the storage house for me yesterday. THANK YOU JOHN!

Jim and Debbie went and picked the tree up for me--since it would not fit into my car when I bought it and Jim unloaded it---as I said IT IS quite heavy. THANK YOU Jim & Debbie!

I could go on and on. I have 2 heavy mirrors and a large framed picture that need to be hung. I have a large rug that needs to be put down--but furniture will have to be moved. I am waiting to beg a favor for those jobs.

IF I WERE A MAN----I see a huge possibility for a new business--


I'm not the only woman out there that needs help---someone could have a very good business doing these kind of things. I would be happy to pay someone---if I could just find a handyman to hire. SO since there is not any such business locally---I have to beg a favor--or just look at things undone.

REALLY--you could make a good living doing this---


Anonymous said...

necessity is the mother of invention...


Anonymous said...

In Erie there is actually a guy that has a small business called "Rent a Hubby". I've seen his truck at Wally World many times where he is probably buying supplies for his next damsel in distress. Happy New Year! Lorie

Anonymous said...

Yes I am from Erie and this guy is great!!! Trustworthy and the like. Wish we could send him your way but I'm sure you can find a friend to do the work or how about the son in law, I'm sure he owes you? LOL...(just kidding)

Anonymous said...

I live with a couple of guys that are handy & muscular. You just tell me when you want some things done & they will get done.

Chrome Cowgirl